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Accept - Too Mean to Die

On January 29, 2021, "Accept" released the album "Too Mean to Die".

It is the 16th studio album from the German metal giant and the first since the excellent "The Rise Of Chaos" released in 2017.

Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann, who has been leading the band for over four decades, made small line-up changes before recording the album, with the addition of Martin Motnik, who replaced the original bassist Peter Baltes, who joined the band back in 1976 and announced his retirement in 2018. In addition, another guitarist was added to the lineup - Philip Shouse and the band now includes three guitarists together with Hoffman.

Three singles were released from the album which proves that Hoffman and his friends have not lost it and they still know how to deliver great metal anthems.

The first single "The Undertaker" was released in October 2020 and was accompanied by an excellent music video.

The single "Too Mean To Die" was released a month later in November 2020. This is the title track that definitely delivers the goods with fast, edgy and energetic metal, just like the band knows how to do.

On January 15th we received "Zombie Apocalypse" - the third single, which was released on the original date planned for the release of the album, but was postponed until 29/1/2021 due to delays related to the Covid-19 crisis.

The album includes 8 additional pieces, including the fast and sweeping piece "No Ones Master" with the double bass drum and the melodic guitar line, "Symphony Of Pain" which includes amazing guitar work with the quote from Beethoven's ninth symphony and more. It is interesting that the album ends with an instrumental piece called "Samson And Delilah" that includes oriental motifs.

The album was produced by Andy Sneap, the super producer who has been responsible for the sound of "Accept" for a decade.

For Listening: Spotify

Songs List:

1- Zombie Apocalypse

2- Too Mean To Die

3- Overnight Sensation

4- No Ones Master

5- The Undertaker

6- Sucks To Be You

7- Symphony Of Pain

8- The Best Is Yet To Come

9- How Do We Sleep

10- Not My Problem

11- Samson And Delilah (Instrumental)

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