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Accept - Restless and Wild

Editor's Choice...

And this time ... the album "Restless and Wild", the fourth studio album by "Accept", released on October 2, 1982.

What a crazy album it was and what impact it had on the metal world of the early 1980s.

A second before Thrash Metal erupted with "Metallica's" Kill 'Em All, this album featured one of the most headbanging songs we've ever heard. The opening song of the album "Fast as a Shark", was indeed "fast" in the full sense of the word. The Speed ​​Metal classic that greatly influenced the metal bands of the period and whose double bass sound resonates even 40 years later to this day.

Anyone who listens to the song today may not understand all the fuss, but for anyone who grew up at the time, this song was something out of the ordinary in the heavy metal landscape. True, "Motorhead" flashed with "Ace Of Spades" and "Venom" with "Welcome To Hell" a little before, but still the BPM rating in this song just broke the scale at the time, especially when it came after an album like "Breaker" and just left us speechless in the face of the band's radical change.

Another thing that contributed to the metallic shock that exploded on our faces, was the intro of the song which included a recording of an old German tune sung by a children's choir (Heidi heido heida heidi heido heido heida heidi heido heida Hahahahahahaha)

"Accept" thought the contrast between the delicate children's choir with the scratch of the needle, Udo Dirkschneider's chilling scream, and the speed and power of the double bass, would intensify the extremes and will even be amusing. But the joke was on the members of "Accept", after it became clear that the recording of the children's choir they used had a completely different connotation, because it was used as a marching song on parades during the Nazi era, a fact that the band was completely unaware of at the time.

This album represents Accept in its heyday, and to this day we believe it is the best album, alongside the classics that followed "Balls to the Wall", and "Metal Heart".

The album features timeless classics of the genre like the theme song - "Restless and Wild" with the galloping rhythm, "Shake Your Heads" with the slow and mesmerizing riff, and "Ahead of the Pack" which reminded us of "Judas Priest", the amazing "Neon Nights" Which opens with the guitar sound that a year later will emerge from Cliff Burton's bass guitar in the "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)", "Demon's Night" which later received a cover version of "Cannibal Corpse", "Flash Rockin' Man" whose riff was "borrowed" From "Swords and Tequila" by "Riot" and later will be "borrowed" again by "Iron Maiden" in the song "2 Minutes To Midnight", and of course the huge ending track "Princess of the Dawn" which is simply cut abruptly and deliberately and leaves us with a taste of more .. .

To listen to this masterpiece: Click Here.

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