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AC/DC - Top of the Pops Performance 1980

A Sneak Peek...

On February 7, 1980, Bon Scott made his last appearance with "AC/DC" at the "Top Of The Pops" TV show on "BBC One" in the United Kingdom.


The band performed the song "A Touch Too Much" from the masterpiece album "Highway To Hell".

Just twelve days after that television appearance, on February 19, 1980, the drunken Scott would lose consciousness in the vehicle of his friend, Alistair Keener, who was parked outside that friend's house, after a night of drunkenness and debauchery, his death was determined a day later, when the official cause of death was determined to be alcohol poisoning, but he apparently suffocated in his sleep.

This unnecessary death comes precisely after the band released their meteoric breakthrough album that earned them international recognition. The band will be devastated following the death of its charismatic singer, but will succeed against all odds to pick itself up and return a year later with the all-time great comeback album "Back In Black".

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