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Bon Scott

Today we will tell you some facts about the singer Bon Scott:

(Photo: Bauer-Griffin)

1. Bon Scott was born in Scotland on July 9, 1946, as Ronald Belford Scott.

2. In 1952 when he was 6 his family moved to Australia.

3. Scott dropped school at the age of 15.

4. He was no small criminal. He sat in a boys' prison for theft, impersonation, and more.

5. When he was released he replaced several jobs such as a postman, bartender, and truck unloader.

6. He tried to be accepted into the Australian Army but was rejected due to his criminal past.

7. He formed his first band "The Spektors" in 1964. He served there as a drummer and singer.

8. He took his stage name Bon Scott from the words "Bonnie Scotland".

9. In 1967 he joined the band "The Valentines" which recorded songs written by George Young - the brother of Angus Young and Malcolm Young.

10. Bon Scott's role model was Stevie Wright, the lead singer of the band "Easybeats", of which George Young was also a member.

11. The first song Scott recorded with "The Valentines" was "Every Day I Have To Cry".

12. In 1970 he joined the progressive band "Fraternity". The band will warm up, among others, the band "Geordie", in which his replacement in "AC/DC", singer Brian Johnson was a member.

13. In 1971 he married Irene Thornton. He divorced her in 1977 but they remained friends until the day he died.

14. In 1974 he replaced singer Dave Evans of "AC/DC" and recorded their debut album "High Voltage".

15. That year he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident caused while intoxicated. Following the accident, he was unconscious for three days.

16. A manager of "AC/DC" said in his book, "Dog Eat Dog" that in 1975 Bon Scott told him that he had visited with two different women who had given birth to his children at the same time and birthing center. They of course did not know about each other.

17. That year he was almost fired from "AC/DC" for taking a heroin overdose.

18. Back in the same year, Scott appeared with the "AC/DC" on Australian television disguised as a schoolgirl. Do not believe? Watch here:

19. Scott will release four more studio albums with "AC/DC" and in 1979 will release its masterpiece album "Highway To Hell", which will become the band's meteoric international breakthrough album and its second best-selling album of all time.

20. Scott's last appearance with the band took place on February 7, 1980, as part of the "Top Of The Pops" program.

21. On February 15, he will join the Young Brothers in the studio for an initial session of work on two new songs that will later be included on the album "Back In Black".

22. On February 19, 1980, the drunken Scott lost consciousness in the vehicle of his friend, Alistair Keener, who was parked outside his house. His death was determined a day later, when the official cause of death was Alcohol but he apparently suffocated in his sleep.

23. After Scott's death, the band thought of disbanding, but it was Bon Scott's family members who persuaded them to move on, claiming it was his will.

(Photo: Fin Costello)

24. Just five months after his death, the band has already released the greatest comeback album of all time and one of the best-selling and most successful in the world - "Back In Black".

25. In 1997 the band released the box "Bonfire" in his memory. The box included rare excerpts from Scott era, that was not released by that time.

26. Scott used to care for his voice when he gargled wine with honey every morning.

27. His burial place is the most visited tomb in Australia and has been declared a historic site.

28. In 2008 a bronze statue of Scott was built in the town of "Fremantle" in Western Australia.

29. In 2004, "Classic Rock" magazine ranked Bon Scott at number one on the list of the 100 greatest singers of all time.

30. In 2006 he was ranked fifth by "Hit Parader" magazine among the 100 greatest heavy metal singers of all time.

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