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AC/DC - High Voltage

A Sneak Peek...

On February 17, 1975, the electrifying rock 'n' roll from Australia began to flow at a high voltage!!!

So if you did not yet understand, today in 1975, the debut album of "AC/DC", "High Voltage", was released.

Although this album was only released in Australia, it has its historical importance as the first musical work of this great band.

A year later the band's debut album will be released internationally, also named "High Voltage", but it will include mostly songs from the band's second album "T.N.T.", which was also released only in Australia, plus only two songs from the debut album "High Voltage" the theme our review.

So true, in this aforementioned debut album "AC/DC" has not yet formulated the sound that will characterize it, but you can still hear the band's DNA buds here.

In November 1973, guitarist brothers Malcolm Young and Angus Young formed "AC/DC". They enlisted bassist Larry Van Kriedt, vocalist Dave Evans and drummer Colin Burgess, and began working on material for the first album.

However, the Young brothers soon realized that lead singer Evans was not right for them. They were looking for a rough and "biting" voice and Evans did not have it. Although the band managed to record one single with Evans, Van Kriedt, and Burgess - "Can I Sit Next To You, Girl", as early as September 1974 singer Bon Scott, a friend of producer George Young (brother of Malcolm and Angus), was already recruited.

Bon Scott had a very similar past to that of the Young Brothers. He too was born in Scotland, before emigrating to Australia as a child, he also loved rock and roll, so he immediately fitted in with the band. Scott's joining the band redefined not only their sound but also their whole attitude.

In November 1974 the band entered Albert Studios in Sydney, Australia, to record the album.

Beyond the core of the Young brothers and Bon Scott, the band's lineup has not yet been formed. The drums were played by Tony Currenti who played most of the songs and Peter Clack who played one song. Rob Bailey was in charge of bass, but Malcolm and Angus' brother - George Young replaced him in parts of the songs.

Drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Mark Evans, who will complete the lineup and accompany them on the next four albums, will only join the band on the next album released in Australia "T.N.T."

The album was produced by George Young and Harry Vanda. George and Harry were members of the band "Easybeats", and were a pair of its lead songwriters, including writing their biggest hit "Friday on My Mind".

The importance of this album is not in its material, but in the fact that it is the first musical document of one of the greatest and best-selling bands in the history of rock 'n' roll.

For Listening: Click Here.

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