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U.D.O. - Metal Never Dies

Friday release # 100

A new song from a new forthcoming album from "U.D.O." Of Udo Dirkschneider, who just don't stop for a moment and continues to release materials from several projects simultaneously.

July 2020, U.D.O. Collaborated with "Das Musikkorps der Bundeswehr", the military band of the German Federal Armed Forces, on an album "We Are One".

This album included a collaboration with his former bandmates Peter Baltes (bass) and Stefan Kaufmann (guitar) and it led to the formation of a new band called "Dirkschneider & The Old Gang" which released three songs and a mini album called "Arising" in August 2020.

Later, in March 2021, the band U.D.O.'s fifth live album "Live in Bulgaria 2020 - Pandemic Survival Show" was released. The Album was recorded on September 18, 2020, and was one of the only shows of such magnitude in front of an audience during the Covid-19 period.

Today we are already announcing that the band U.D.O, will release their new album "Game Over", on October 22, 2021 when the leading single from it with the binding name "Metal Never Dies" released today.

As can only be understood from the album's title, "Game Over", continues the line of "We Are One" and warns that if humanity does not reconsider a change of behavior, it may find itself facing deadly consequences. The line of protest that calls for the world to awaken can also be learned from the title of the songs themselves. For example, "Prophecy," "Marching Tank" or "Kids And Guns" which deals with increased arms sales and regulation in the U.S. arms industry, leading to higher homicide rates.

This is the band's first studio album in 3 years, since the excellent "Steelfactory" LP released in 2018. This is the first time the band has written an entire album with the band's two new members, bassist Tilen Hudrap and guitarist Dee Dammers, who have already visited Israel in a performance at the Havana Club Club in Tel Aviv in April 2019.

To listen to: Spotify

Song List:

01. Fear Detector

02. Holy Invaders

03. Prophecy

04. Empty Eyes

05. I See Red

06. Metal Never Dies

07. Kids And Guns

08. Like A Beast

09. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

10. Unbroken

11. Marching Tank

12. Thunder Road

13. Midnight Stranger

14. Speed Seeker

15. Time Control

16. Metal Damnation

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