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U.D.O. - Havana Club TLV - 17/4/19

Impressions from the performance of the band U.D.O. Havana Club Club 17/4/19

So yesterday the band U.D.O. Of legendary singer Udo Dirkschneider performed at Havana Club TLV.

For those of you who do not know who Udo Dirkschneider is, then Udo was the lead singer of the German metal band ACCEPT, an important and highly regarded band in the metal scene of the early 80s, and among those responsible for the development of the speed and thrash metal genres. The band gained much recognition from the early 80s and managed to break out outside Germany with commercial success all over Europe, the USA, and even Japan, where they recorded one of their "Kaizoku-Ban" album in 1985.

In 1987, at the height of the band's success, Udo parted ways with the band and decided to embark on a solo career. Accept members not only supported his decision but also helped Udo write the material for his first solo album "Animal House" which was released in 1987 under the band name U.D.O.

From then to this day the band released 16 studio albums and 6 live albums. In parallel with his activities in the U.D.O. band, Udo will form a new lineup called "Dirkschneider" which has been performed around the world with materials from the mother band Accept.

The latest U.D.O. album was Released in August 2018 and is an excellent heavy metal album very recommended for listening to. The band members noted that the writing of the material for this album was influenced by the mother band Accept and the things are very noticeable in the sound and the musical direction of the album.

And for the show held yesterday:

The audience, as expected, consisted mostly of veterans of the metal scene in Israel with a very respectable representation of people from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIA). The leather jackets, patches, shirts, hair, and tattoos left no room for doubt, this is an audience that drinks, eats, and breathes, metal.

Before U.D.O. we witness an excellent and surprising warm-up performance by the local "Metal Scent" band, a reincarnation of the Israeli heavy metal band "Reiach Metal" which was formed in 2004 and combined metal with oriental music and even released an album that includes cover versions of well-known Mediterranean songs featuring well-known guest singers in oriental music. "Metal Scenet" proved to be an excellent appetizer to the main course and gave an excellent show with original material at a high level.

At the end of the Metal Scent show and after rearrangements made by the stage workers, we were finally privileged to witness the man responsible for the sales of millions of albums over a 40-year career, the metal legend - Udo Dirkschneider.

The show opens with "Tongue Reaper" and is immediately followed by "Make the Move" the two opening songs from the latest and excellent album "Steelfactory". The German band continued from there in a relentless bomb shelling of the best of the band's songs during its 30 years of activity. The track "24/7" from 2005, "Mastercuter" the theme song from the excellent album from 2007, "Timebomb" with the thundering and rolling double-bass, and of course the anthems "Animal House" and "They Want War".

True, 6 of the 20 tracks played at the show were from the band's latest album, but that did not detract from the level of material played, as this is an excellent album that does not fall short of the level of the good albums of the mother band Accept.

Udo's familiar, strong and rough voice did not disappoint and it sounded just like the good old days. Udo an experienced and charismatic performer knew how to sweep the audience who kept roaring the lyrics, including the new songs.

But the big surprise of the evening was actually Udo's backing band. The veteran singer made sure to surround himself with 4 young, virtuoso musicians each in his field, whose chemistry was well evident throughout the show.

The rhythm section is in charge of Tilen Hudrap on bass and Sven Dirkschneider (the son of..), a strong and powerful drummer who did not embarrass his roots. Guitarist duo Fabian Dee Dammers and Andrey Smirnov provided great playing and gave the audience a spectacular performance with all the possible tricks of heavy metal - solos, licks, tapping, and even synchronized movements Tipton-Downing style.

Although most of the musicians have been in the band for a very short time, they looked and sounded like an old and experienced band, a well-oiled machine that gave a crazy show.

In conclusion, a great show whoever did not come, lost.

Song List: 1. Tongue Reaper 2. Make the Move 3. 24/7 4. Mastercutor 5. A Cry of a Nation 6. Metal Machine 7. Independence Day 8. In the Heat of the Night 9. Vendetta 10. Rising High (Dee Dammers Guitar Solo) 11. In the Darkness 12. I Give as Good as I Get 13. Timebomb (Bass/Drum Solo) 14. Hungry and Angry 15. Heart of Gold 16. One Heart One Soul

Encore: 17. Holy 18. Animal House 19. Man and Machine 20. They Want War

For a link to a playlist we prepared for you in preparation for the show and turned out to be an exact copy of what was played: Click Here

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