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Thirty Seconds To Mars - AMERICA

Editor's Choice or... dis recommendation ??

We are true fans of "Thirty Seconds To Mars", we were even at their only show in Israel when they were just at their beginning of popularity.

We also believe that we are very open-minded and love changes, variations, and side effects, but...

It is difficult for us when a band loses its DNA and becomes an unfamiliar mutation, such that its chromosomes take on a different form as if they had been taken over by a virus of some kind ... (did anyone say covid?)

The band's fifth album, "America", is one that has been taken over by a vicious virus. This album is a very sharp turning point in the band's style, especially a change in the musical style (sounds delusional?). Because in terms of the lyrics and vocals of Jared Leto who leads the band (he and his brother Shannon Leto) they talk about similar topics and touch on the same feelings and experiences.

(Photo: Thirty Seconds To Mars on Spotify)

Jared is a phenomenal talent, both as an actor, a singer, and a musician. He writes, he composes, he arranges and he produces.

His voice is penetrating, sweeping, and moving. So if you take the music that surrounds this album and replaces it with music that the band has created in their first three albums, it will be a heavenly match, right to the point !! Songs like "Walk On Water", "Rescue Me", "Great Wide Open" and "Hail To The Victor" could have been powerful, exciting, and aggressive rockers.

But on this album Jared dived into the electronic direction totally, pleasant, soft, poppy, and catchy, a purely POP album we would say. And from our point of view, truly, it sucks !!

Because it lacks the power, it lacks the authenticity and it feels very well produced, packaged, and branded, just like the name of the album - "America"!

If you still want to understand what we're talking about, listen to the album on: Apple Music Spotify

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