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Thirty Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie

Thirty Seconds To Mars' second album "A Beautiful Lie" was released on August 30, 2005.

This is the breakthrough album of this special band that was a musical leap forward and brought the band international exposure.

In contrast to the previous album which was written and recorded mostly by the brothers, Jared Leto and Shannon Leto, on this album joins and co-write guitarist Tomo Miličević who will become a permanent member of the band and be part of its next albums and bassist Matt Wachter who participates exclusively on this album.


You will not find here masterpieces, complex songs, and honed techniques. On the contrary, it is a basic rock, energetic, exciting, and powerful album that aims to bring you joy and come to the band's performances so that you can sing out loud. The band is undoubtedly undergoing a welcome change here with a leap forward in terms of the production and melody of the songs. Leto decides to give the lyrics on this album a more personal and inner meaning unlike the previous album, he shares his feelings, experiences, and point of view on himself and the world.

Four singles were released from the album that starred at the top of the charts and brought this album to international exposure.

The first single "Attack" is a tactical bomb, an anthem that is made and produced well and honestly magnetizes you to the album.

In the second single "The Kill" Leto takes his soul out and uses all his vocal abilities, a song built on silence/noise, low and high, take you like a swing to Leto's whispers and screams.

The third single "From Yesterday" which generated a well-produced music video that came straight from Leto's second career, is an epic and dramatic song that unquestionably sweeps you away and yet feels very honest and genuine.

The fourth and final single bearing the name of the album is also accompanied by drama but is much more aggressive and powerful, Shannon's rhythm keeps you tight close to the speakers and allows Leto to penetrate with his views on life and its definition.

The album gained high spots in the charts around the world and with the help of the music videos that were broadcast non-stop, it gained enormous exposure and put "Mars" on the world rock map.

This is an album of pure pleasure that is fun to listen to and also roars in the band's live shows.

Listen to the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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