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Jared Leto

He is a multi-talent!!

He is a talented actor, an amazing singer, a multi-instrumentalist, and an extraordinary musician.

Ahh... and it has a very strong feature... "Totality" !! In everything he does... so please welcome...

Jared Leto !!!

(Photo: Shamil Tanna)

= He was born on December 26, 1971, in Louisiana, USA. His parents divorced when he was a small child and his father committed suicide when he was 8. He has a brother named Shannon and two half-brothers.

= His mother, who was a hippie, created a free atmosphere of creation and experience in the family environment, Leto remembers that there were always artists, painters, musicians, photographers, and actors around him.

= He started playing music with his brother when they were in school, but the world of movies was his great passion. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York and in 1992 he moved to Los Angeles to begin his career in industry.

= Although he aimed for the role of director, he started working as an actor in order to make a living and from there he developed.

= In 1994 he got his first breakout role in a youth drama series called "My So-Called Life". That same year he also starred in his first TV movie "Cool and the Crazy", and a year later he starred in his first feature movie "How to Make an American Quilt".

= Leto continued his career in cinema and landed performed many roles in films such as "Fight Club", "American Psycho", "Urban Legend" and more. His big and significant breakthrough was in 2000 when he starred in the film "Requiem for a Dream".

= From there he continued his acting career in films such as: "Panic Room" (2002), "Alexander" (2004), "Lord of War" (2005), "Lonely Hearts" (2006), "Chapter 27" (2007 ), "Mr. Nobody" (2009), "Suicide Squad" (2016) and many others.

(Photo: aiptcomics)

= Leto is an absolute actor, he explores the character, studies it, and adopts it into his daily life throughout the filming period. Over the years he has undergone many physical and mental transformations in light of the roles he has performed.

= One of his big roles is the role of the transgender woman in the movie "Dallas Buyers Club" which came out in 2013. Leto received the Oscar, the Golden Globe Award, and the Screen Actors Guild Award in the supporting actor category for his role in the film. He is known as one who chooses his roles very carefully!

(Photo: USA Today)

= In 1998, Leto and his brother Shannon formed the band Thirty Seconds To Mars. The two recruited more musicians and began performing in small clubs throughout Los Angeles while simultaneously recording demos. The demos reached a number of record companies and in 1999 the band signed with Virgin Records.

(Photo: Thirty Seconds To Mars Facebook)

= In 2002, the band's debut album was released. The album, recorded in a remote cabin, detached from civilization, was produced by two great producers Bob Ezrin and Brian Virtu. The album is a concept album that focuses on human struggle and self-definition. An avant-garde? That's how he is.

= In 2005 the band's second album "A Beautiful Lie" was released. An album different in both musical style and writing from the previous album. Leto said that on the previous album he hid behind images and metaphors compared to this album where he felt he had exposed himself directly. Leto directed the music video for the single "The Kill" which won the MTV Music Awards.

= Following the success of the second album the band began to gain momentum and enjoyed great commercial success. Leto went on to direct the rest of the album's clips and along the way picked up a number of awards from MTV, Kerrang magazine, and the Billboard charts.

= In 2009 the band's third album "This Is War" was released. The album takes the brothers to experience areas like Prog, Metal, and New Wave. The lyrics on the album were mainly influenced by the band's 'war' against the record company EMI. The album was accompanied by a documentary called "Artifact" captured by Leto which documents the period of the struggle. This album also won a few awards and even won a Guinness Book Record for the highest number of shows in one tour, with more than 300 performances.

= In 2013, the band's fourth album, "Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams" was released. An album that is a kind of concept album that focuses on the four elements that appear in its name. Here the band is already starting to make greater use of electronic elements. The album continues the band's success and brings it to No. 6 on the Billboard 200.

= In March of that year a copy of the song "Up in the Air" was sent to space, and the first single from the album was sent into space with NASA's SpaceX CRS-2 spacecraft. This is the world's first replica of commercial music sent into space and no, it did not reach Mars.

= In 2018, the band's fifth album "AMERICA" was released. This is a completely different album from the band's previous albums. The musical style changes dramatically as electronic sounds, effects, and soft melodies take the place of guitars and drums. Here too the album is a concept album that deals with social concepts like sex, fame, and individuality. Despite the mixed reviews and disappointment from the band's longtime fans, he occupies second place on Billboard and is a huge success.

= Leto invests a lot in the band's relationship with the fans. In almost every album, the band's fans participated in background vocals, musical instruments, or other roles. At each performance, he usually brings dozens of fans on the stage to the final song. He and his brother are in direct contact with the fans through various social media that are not run by outside companies.


= On August 18, 2010, your faithful servants attended the amazing performance of the band in the Holy Land, in Hanger 11 in Tel Aviv.

= In 2019, the band released a documentary movie called "A Day in the Life of America". The film documents the American Independence Day that took place in 2017. Leto sent 92 teams to all American states to give a glimpse of the wide and diverse variety that there is in the US.

= Leto has established a digital media and marketing management company called The Hive that focuses on developing and managing communities for opinion leaders and celebrities. In 2010 the company launched the Golden Tickets service, which provides a full and international service for events, festivals, and live performances.

= He is a social activist and a very big contributor in the areas of social equality, helping needy children, disaster-stricken areas, and many more. In 2015 he was declared the World Ambassador of the World Wide Fund for Nature.

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