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The Pretty Reckless - Death By Rock And Roll

On February 12, 2021, "The Pretty Reckless" released the album "Death By Rock And Roll".

This is the fourth studio album by "The Pretty Reckless" band of musician, model and actress Taylor Momsen.

The name of the album "Death By Rock And Roll" stems from two tragedies that have happened to the band since it released its last album "Who You Selling For" in 2016.

In May 2017, while Momsen and her friends are on tour with "Soundgarden" the worst thing happened. Chris Cornell took his own life after a concert in Detroit. "The Pretty Reckless" were the opening act for Cornell's last show before he passed away.

Then, 11 months later, the band's longtime producer Kato Khandwala, died in a motorcycle accident.

It was enough to send the band venting their grief in writing, with the two horrific tragedies giving the written album its name and theme song "Death By Rock And Roll".

The band worked on the album with Matt Cameron and the song "Only Love Can Save Me Now" features his "Soundgarden" bandmate, none other than guitarist Kim Thayil.

The album includes another collaboration in the song "And So It Went", in which the guitarist - Tom Morello is a guest.

Beyond the rough hard rock and grunge pieces with seventies influences, there are also some more relaxed songs that highlight the diversity of Momsen's voice. In the song "25" her vocals reminded us of Adele yes, yes. Even his style fits one of the James Bond movie soundtracks. In the songs "Got So High" and "Standing At The Wall" we remembered the alternative group from the nineties "Mazzy Star", and in the song "Harley Darling" we were sure that it was a country outtake from the Neil Young archive.

In the song "Rock And Roll Heaven" with its bluesy flavor, Momsen mentions some of the artists who probably influenced her: "The Beatles", "Pink Floyd" and Jim Morrison:

"Freedom found me When I first heard the Beatles sing..

In rock and roll Heaven The great gig in the sky…”

From the first listen it seems that this album is much more mature and diverse than the previous albums. What is certain is that Momsen's voice is only getting better and better.

to listen to the album: Spotify.

Track List:

01. Death By Rock And Roll 02. Only Love Can Save Me Now 03. And So It Went 04. 25 05. My Bones 06. Got So High 07. Broomsticks 08. Witches Burn 09. Standing At The Wall 10. Turning Gold 11. Rock And Roll Heaven 12. Harley Darling

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