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Tatiana Shmalyuk

She is a very special vocalist who is capable in one song, tearing you to shreds, reconnecting you, and then caressing you softly and back all over again. She's just started her career and already has a big impact on the metal world.

Here are some facts we've gathered for you about Tatiana...

(Photo: Katja Ogrin)

= She was born on March 15, 1987, in Donetsk, Ukraine.

= Her mother claims she has been screaming since she was little, she would scream so loud that she would often suffer from a "hernia" in her stomach. As a child, she would learn to "scream" Russian and Ukrainian pop songs.

= She started singing seriously at the age of eight when she joined the municipal choir.

= She got her first musical influence from her brother who was a guitarist in a small local metal band. He is also the one who exposed her to other metal bands and introduced her to the genre in all its subgenres.

= In 1991 when the Soviet Union fell and MTV entered the lives of Ukrainians, Tatiana was suddenly exposed to bands like "Nirvana", "The Offspring" and especially "Otep". Tatiana said she learned from her father to record music from MTV on tape and that way she and her friends exchanged music between them.

= Tatiana said she decided to become a singer for the first time at the age of 15 after she discovered the band "Otep". She was blown away by the singing style of Otep Shamaya and when she found out that it was a woman and not a man she was shocked. From that moment on she decided that she also wanted to shock people in this way.

(Photo: DAC)

= "Jinjer" was formed in 2008 by singer Maksym Fatullaiev, guitarist Dmitriy Oksen, bassist Oleksiy Svynar and drummer Vyacheslav Okhrimenko. The band released an EP called "Objects in Mirror Are Closer than They Appear".

= In 2009 Tatiana joined the band and replaced the singer Maksym when Roman Ibramkhalilov joined as another guitarist. In 2011 another replacement was made when Eugene Abdukhanov replaced Oleksiy and Oleksandr Koziychuk replaced drummer Okhrimenko.

(Photo: Jinjer)

= A year later the new band released their first EP "Inhale, Do Not Breathe". Immediately after the release of the EP, the band started performing in every bar/pub/club/basement/single-room apartment/kindergarten... in short, wherever there was a power source and it was possible to put in more than several people, they performed !!

= A label called "The Leaders Records" recognized the band's potential and in 2013 they re-released the band's previous EP which included three more songs recorded live.

= The band received significant exposure and even won first place in the metal competition for the title "Best Ukrainian Metal Act".

= In 2014, the band independently releases their debut album "Cloud Factory". The band continues to embrace the ideology of "If I have no one who has me" and independently organized an international tour. Yes, you heard right, without a promoter, without a road manager, without connections they just started calling every club and trying to arrange a show for themselves around the world.

= In the same year, the band left the city of "Donetsk" following the battles that took place in the city, between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian combat units. They moved to the city of "Lviv" but after several months of boredom, they moved back "to civilization", to the capital "Kyiv".

= In 2016 the band released their second album "King Of Everything". From the album released the first single "Pisces" which together with the second single "I Speak Astronomy" gain a very large amount of views on YouTube. These two singles but mostly "Pisces", brought the band its big international breakthrough and sold millions of copies.

= That year the band performs for the first time in Israel, at HaEzor club.

= The band continues to gain momentum and the increased exposure puts it in as a prelude to the tour of "Arch Enemy" and "Cradle of Filth".

= In the same year the band wins again the title of "Best Ukrainian Metal Act". The first two albums and all the albums that will come later took over first place in the charts in Ukraine.

(Photo: Gina Wetzler)

= The increasing exposure and popularity proved itself and the band signed a contract with the big label "Napalm Records". Following the signing, they re-release their debut album "Cloud Factory" in a reissue through the new label.

= That same year they broke into the US and landed on the "Next Big Sound" billboard charts.

= In 2019 the band releases an EP called "Micro".

= In the same year, they released their third album "Macro". "Loudwire" magazine put the album on the list of the 50 best albums in metal for 2019.

= In 2020 they release their first live album "Alive in Melbourne". In February of the same year, they made their second show in Israel, at the reading 3 clubs.

= In 2021 the band released their fourth album "Wallflowers".

= In the same year, on July 3, 2021, the band held their third performance in Israel, at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv. A little bit more than a year later, in October 2002 "Jinjer" perform again at Reading 3 club in Tel-Aviv.

= The band's musical DNA is built around progressive metal, with each album or even each song having different and varied influences that take the genre and stretch it in other directions such as reggae, soul, punk, jazz, and more. Together with the band's sound and Tatiana's phenomenal vocal abilities, they have created for themselves very unique musical characteristics that set them apart from many bands in the genre.

= The band has a clear split, Tatiana writes all the lyrics to the songs and the rest of the band writes the music, they rarely interfere with each other in the creative process.

= In March 2022 Russia decided to occupy Ukraine, following the war, the band led by Tatiana decided to concentrate all their efforts and capabilities on supporting the Ukrainian people and stop all activities of the band for now.

Listen to the band's latest album "Wallflowers" on Spotify, Apple Music

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