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Zak Soulam

You might not know that he is not just an amazing guitarist, but also a producer, composer, and musician. The band "Hayehudim" says that he is the heart of the band and part of its DNA.

Here are some things we found out about the guy:

(Photo: Avihai Levy)

1. His nickname is "Zak", Itzik "Zak" Soulam.

2. He started playing the piano at the age of 6 and at the age of 12 learned to play the guitar from his father, the musician Eli Sulam.

3. In 1990, when he was only 16 years old, Zack joined the rock band "Colorful Black" (Tzivoni Shahor), the band performed once a week at the "Trip" club in Tel Aviv with a rock opera written by Ron Slonim and Eyal Paran, which bears the same name.

4. As a teenager he served as a teacher for hundreds of music students when in 1992, at the age of only 18 he won first place in a national guitarists competition.

5. In 1995, the album "Colorful Black - The Hallucination of Rock by Ron Slonim and Eyal Paran" was released by Hed Artzi with the musical production of Micha Sheetrit, including songs from the show performed by Slonim and Daniel. Beyond the regular line-up (which included Zak) on the album were also playing, Jean-Paul Zimbris and Arkady Duchin, Sheetrit's friends of the band "Natasha's Friends".

6. In the same year, Zak joined the band "Hayehudim" immediately after the release of their debut album "Separate Reality" (Metziot Nifredet), Zak was part of the band's first performances, the most famous of which was performed at the "12th Night Club" and the "Logos" club.

(Photo: Ynet)

7. In 1998 he released the band their second album, bearing the band's name, and reached gold album status.

8. Immediately after the release of the album, Zak left the band looking for his musical future overseas, in the United States. He moved to New York and very quickly became active in the local music scene. Working with producers such as Ed Tuton, Baby Face, and Frank Fillipetti (Foreigner, Kiss, Fuel, Korn, James Tayor).

9. In those years during his work as a producer and guitarist, Zak worked with top artists such as Suzen Vega, and Dee Snider, as well as in the "Trans-Siberian Orchestra" project with Savatage natives.

(Photo: Dee Snider)

10. In early 2000 he participated in the recordings of the American R&B duo album "KC & JOJO", which sold about 10 million copies, as well as the debut album of the Canadian star "Fefe Dobson", which sold about a million copies.

11. In 2002, Zak leaped back to Israel and recorded with "Hayehudim" their third album "Fear of Death" (Pahad Mavet) which was released in July 2002.

12. Here are some other things we found out he did abroad:

13. Performed with soul singer "Ayo" who is a big hit in Europe.

14. Participated in the recording of "Patrice Bart Williams"' album.

15. Performed in the United States with British "Space Hog" frontman "Royston Langdon".

16. Appeared with Dee Snider the legendary singer of "Twisted Sister".

17. As a music arranger and producer has signed on for more than 200 singles.

18. As a writer and composer of hundreds of jingles and commercials broadcast worldwide.

19. Movie soundtracks were also part of his work, the most famous one is his guitar solo in the movie "Music and Lyrics" starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

20. Served as a musical instructor for Hollywood actors Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Dean-Morgan, and Hugh Grant.

21. In 2005 he founded the American production company "Prysm Music" and produced young pop and rock artists.

22. In 2006 he signed and musically produced the debut album of the rock band "Amaury" which earned it first place in the rock category of VH1.

23. In 2008 he produced Julius' album which won first place in the pop category.

24. In 2009 Zak wrote the music for the acrobatics show "Ariel Angels" together with bassist Michael Weisgalia.

25. He has performed on Broadway shows "Rock of Ages" in New York and "Van Helsing's Curse" in Las Vegas.

26. In 2011 Zak released an instrumental solo album that he wrote and produced. The album features musicians such as Omar Hakim (Madonna, Sting), Sterling Campbell (David Bowie, B-52), Steve Holly (Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Elton John), Will Lee (Prince, Eric Clapton) and Danny Lewis (Goverment Mule).

27. In 2014 Zak returned to the band "Hayehudim" (although he was not part of the band's latest album "No More") and since then to our joy, he has been part of the band, we are blown away by his performance with the band !!

28. He founded the start-up "SeekMarket" which connects musicians, photographers, directors, and web designers with end customers worldwide.

29. Our first picture in this post was taken during a moment of craziness during the band's performance in Caesarea !!

Listen to the latest album that Zak recorded with Hayehudim "Fear of Death" on Spotify, Apple Music

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