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T. Rex - Children of the Revolution

The song "Children of the Revolution" from "T. Rex" was released on September 8, 1972, and is relevant today just as it was then.

This is the seventh single released by "T. Rex". The song "Children of the Revolution" was the first to break the incredible streak of four consecutive singles that conquered the top of the charts in England, when it reached "only" second place.

The single, which did not enter any of the band's official albums, was recorded during the sessions for the album "Tanx" and features Elton John on piano and Ringo Starr on drums.

The length of the official single is 2:29 minutes, however, there is a version of the song that lasts over 12 minutes. This version was recorded during the sessions for the band's third album - "The Slider".

The song was written by Marc Bolan and produced by the legendary Tony Visconti who produced most of the band's albums and is known for productions he performed at the time for artists such as David Bowie, "Gentle Giant", "Strawbs" and more.

The song received several interesting cover versions, among them Bono's as part of the soundtrack of the movie "Moulin Rouge" from 2001 and that of "Kesha" from 2020 together with Rolan Bolan son of Marc Bolan. "Kesha" also performed the song live as part of the "Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert", held at Wembley Stadium on September 3, 2022.

The song influenced quite a few artists, among them Thurston Moore from "Sonic Youth", who included it in the list of his 25 most loved songs.

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