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Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert

A little over two months after the death of Taylor Hawkins the drummer of the Foo Fighters, the band announces the holding of two tribute concerts in his memory.

On March 25, 2022, Taylor passed away in a hotel room in Bogota, Colombia where a performance of the Foss' was held. Taylor called the hotel reception and claimed he had chest pains, when the emergency crew arrived they found Taylor unresponsive. The current official cause of death is a mixture of 10 different types of chemicals which were found in his blood.

After his death, the band released the sad announcement of his death:

Today the band publishes the announcement of Taylor's spouse Alison Hawkins in which she appreciates all the fans of the band and Taylor's fans and asks everyone to participate in a tribute to his memory.

As we mentioned, Hawkins' band and family hold two international shows to celebrate Taylor's memory and music. The shows will take place in two different venues during the month of September and will feature the Foss', Taylor's family, and other artists.

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