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Shinedown - Attention Attention

Editor's Choice...

The album "Attention Attention" - is the sixth album by the band "Shinedown" which was released on May 4th, 2018 and what an excellent album it is !!

This is a "fiction" album that tells the story of a character who fights its failures and the negativity of the society in which its finds herself. It goes through a process at the end of which it is reborn. Singer Brent Smith said he wants to share a message from the album that a person is not measured by his failures but by the way he deals with them.

Although the order of the songs is important according to the progress of the story, the singles that came out of the album did not come out in the same order, since the intention was to attract the audience to listen to the variety that is on the album. However, the band said that they intend to release a video clip for each of the 14 songs on the album in order to complete the story with a kind of musical film.

As of today, it has not happened yet...

On this album, Shinedown continues the more poppy sound, with less grunge and rough direction, a sleek and well-produced album. If we quote "All Music" then this album is more of Imagine Dragons than of Breaking Benjamin but still retains the band's DNA.

In addition to some "poppy" songs like "The Human Radio", "Darkside", "Creatures", and "Attention Attention" there are still strong songs like "Monsters", "Evolve", "Black Soul", "Devil", " Brilliant "and more.

At its core, this album is a fun ride in a car with open windows in the pleasant spring wind caresses, "Shinedown" retains its power and strength while making small compromises here and there to attract a wider audience.

This is without a doubt a fun album !!

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