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Live - Throwing Copper

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And this time, the album "Throwing Copper", is "Live's" second studio album.

Live began its career as "Public Affection" and in 1989 released its debut album "The Death of a Dictionary". In 1990 the band released the mini-album "Divided Mind, Divided Planet" and only in June 1991 the band was renamed "Live", with the first material that the band released under this name being the

EP - "Four Songs" was released in September 1991.

The first full-length studio album under the name "Live" was released on the last day of 1991 and was called "Mental Jewelry".

Three years after its first full-length album, Live is back with the album that will define the band.

It's a breakthrough album which is also its best and most successful album. An album that is considered one of the first post-grunge works of art.

The musical style here is a sort of hybrid between R.E.M. To Pearl Jam, a style that is an important station in the musical development of the alternative rock of the nineties, an album that serves as a bridge between the grunge of "Nirvana" from the beginning of the decade, and the alternative metal of "Creed" at the end.

(Photo: Danny Clinch)

Compared to the previous album, the band hardens its sound, shifting the weight from the clean and smooth alternative that characterized most of the previous album, toward the dirty and rough grunge.

It begins with the guitar sound of Chad Taylor who knows how to balance beautifully between Clean and Distortion and continues with the voice of Ed Kowalczyk who sounds much more powerful and angry here.

And what amazing songs there are on this album...

"Selling the Drama" - the first single released from the album, leaping straight to the top of the Billboard charts, with an amazing combination of electric riffs and acoustic items, with Ed's penetrating singing that is a hybrid between Adam Duritz's broken voice from "Counting Crows" and Kurt Cobain's angry cries, with such a beautiful and intelligent bass playing by Patrick Dahlheimer.

"I Alone" which was released as the second single from the album and is based on a story from the New Testament in which Jesus manages to calm a storm in the middle of the sea. A song that explodes after the intro, is so dynamic and sweeping that the band chose to close their performance with it at the 1994 Woodstock Festival.

The bouncy song "Iris" with the beating bassline and the rolling drumming.

"Lightning Crashes" is the third single released from the album and was written about his classmate Ed who was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver in 1983.

The melodic "Top" song with eighties pop-rock fragrances.

"All Over You" was recorded and swept the release as the fourth single and became a popular song in the band's performances.

"White, Discussion" whose style and sound form the bridge to what the band will do on the next album.

"Stage" whose nervous riffs are reminiscent of the post-punk of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, and more and more.

This album sold over 8 million copies in the US and won first place in the US and other countries, Launching the band's popularity straight to the stages of the 1994 Woodstock Festival to be held in the summer of that year.

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