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Sepultura - Chaos A.D.

Another album that celebrates its release today and was released on October 19, 1993 (according to the band website), is ".Chaos A.D" by "Sepultura".

This album is the band's fifth and it marks a change in its musical lineת with the entry of Brazilian and groove metal motifs. This change can already be heard in the opening song "Refuse/Resist" which emphasizes heavier and slower riffs. The song opens with a recording of the rhythmic fetal heartbeat of Max Cavalera's son who was not yet born then and will be called Zyon. These heartbeats predicted something for the future, because Zyon stayed with rhythm and became a drummer.

The change in the musical style is attributed, among other things, to the fact that this is the band's first album in which almost all the songs are played by the guitars with a lower half-tuned tuning, which creates a heavier and "doomy" sound. An example of this can be found in the song "Nomad" which features slow and heavy riffs that were described by guitarist Andreas Kisser as Sepultura's response to "Metallica's" "Sad but True".

This album includes quite a few songs with a political and protest statements, such as "Refuse/Resist" which we mentioned, where's only its title sounds like a protest slogan in a demonstration and whose video clip speaks for itself, "Slave New World" which refers to censorship, and of course "Territory" which refers to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and whose clip was shot in Israel.

The album's themes also include reference to the massacre in the songs "Amen" which tells of the murder of David Cyrus' cult members in Texas, "Carandiru Massacre" which refers to the massacre of prisoners rioting in a Brazilian prison, or "Kaiowas" written as a tribute to an Indian tribe in Brazil who committed mass suicide when the government decides to transfer them from their land.

An interesting story about "Kaiowas". This is the band's first instrumental track which Max defined as a combination of "Led Zeppelin" and "Sonic Youth". This song was recorded live accompanied by acoustic instruments at "Chepstow Castle", an ancient medieval castle located in Wales. In this song, Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser are in charge of the guitar roles, and Igor Cavalera and Paulo Jr. On all percussion. When the band recorded this song they were sure they would never play it live due to the complexity of recreating the drum patterns on stage. However, the band changed their minds after watching a video of a performance by the American band "Neurosis" in which the band members put down their guitars and started playing drums. The band decided to give it a chance and after one rehearsal that sounded good enough, they did not stop playing the song live.

It is interesting to note that during the sessions for the band's album they recorded several cover versions for songs of bands such as "New Model Army" the English punk rock band, "Titãs" and "Ratos de Porão" the Brazilian rock band and "Final Conflict" an American hardcore band. Igor who was a fan of "New Model Army" persuaded the band to add the song "The Hunt" to the album and the rest of the songs appeared as b-sides or on compilation albums.

There is no doubt that this album is a milestone in the band's musical development, which continues to formulate the unique sound that characterizes it from the other metal bands that were active at the time.

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