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Scorpions - Humanity: Hour I

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Looking for a slightly different perspective on "Scorpions?" Want to experience them a little heavier and more complex?

Listen to "Humanity: Hour I", the 16th album, released by "Scorpions" on May 14, 2007.

This is a concept album, in which all the tracks are connected in one way or another with the theme of "humanity".

The band is assisted by the talented writer and producer Desmond Child and more, to produce a plotline about a futuristic world torn to pieces by a civil war between humans and robots. This "apocalyptic nightmare" is supposed to serve as a "warning shot" to all of humanity, whose only hope for survival is love, brotherhood, and peace.

This album ranges from loud and heavy tracks like "Hour I", "321", "The Cross", and "You're Loving Me To Death", on the one hand, to mid-pace and sweet ballads accompanied by piano and strings like "The Future Never Dies", "Love Will Keep Us Alive", "Love Is War" and of course the ending song "Humanity" which simply transcends them all.

To achieve the heavy and dark-doom guitar sound "Scorpions" uses, among other things, unconventional guitar tuning such as "drop D", and "drop C".

The album features artists such as guitarist John 5 who worked with David Lee Roth and later played with Marilyn Manson, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eric Bazilian, guitarist and singer Billy Corgan, and more.

Believe it or not but the band came to the recordings of the album with no less than 30 songs and then they started another writing session where they wrote another 20 songs !!! since they thought some of the songs were "too dark" lyrically and they needed more "optimistic" songs to fit the plotline. For these songs to fit the concept of the album the band enlisted the help of a professional writing team whose job was to rewrite the lyrics of the selected songs.

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