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Marilyn Manson

Today we'll tell you some crazy facts about Marilyn Manson.

Warning!!! Some of the facts are hard to read, so please keep the children away:

(Photo: Kurt Krieger - Corbis)

= Marilyn Manson was born in the canton of Ohio as "Brian Hugh Warner" on January 5, 1969.

= Is the only son of Barbara Warner Wyer and Hugh Angus Warner and has an English roots, Irish and German.

= He was born with a heart problem that causes an accelerated heart rate and is called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome.

= In his youth he received a Christian education and from the age of 10 to attend a Christian school.

= Manson said that at school they were forbidden to listen to different types of music.

= Later, Manson will make a U-turn from Christian education and become a member of the Church of Satan.

= And if that was not enough to clarify the point of educational failure, Manson was a good friend of Anton LaVey — the founder of the Church of Satan, and was even crowned pastor of that church.

= His stage name is a combination of two American icons, the model-actress Marilyn Monroe and the infamous criminal Charles Manson.

= Before starting his musical career he studied journalism and even worked for a local newspaper in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

= As part of his role as a journalist, Manson interviewed several rock stars, including Trent Reznor from the band Nine Inch Nails. Reznor will later sign him for the record company Nothing Records, and produce some of his albums.

= He formed in 1989 the band that bears his name, together with guitarist Scott Putesky.

= The band's original name was "Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids". They recorded their first demo in 1990.

= In 1994 the band released their first album "Portrait of an American Family".

= The album was originally supposed to be called "The Manson Family Album" after the family name of the infamous criminal, and whoever played and produced it in collaboration with others was Trent Reznor.

= A year later, Manson released an EP entitled "Smells Like Children" which includes a cover version

of the song "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by Eurythmics. The song also became the band's first hit.

= His next album "Antichrist Superstar" released in 1996 took Manson and his band to meteoric success. The album included the successful singles "The Beautiful People" and "Tourniquet".

= The US giant retail chains - K-Mart and Target have refused to sell their third album "Mechanical Animal" which came out in 1998 due to the provocative album cover that includes Manson's head and the naked female body of an alien.

= After the horrific massacre at Columbine School in 1999, it was alleged that Manson's music was the one that influenced the two murderous children in committing the massacres. The unverified publicity caused much damage to Manson's career and led to threats on his life.

= Manson responded to the allegations in his own "I Blame" article, called "Columbine: Whose Fault Is It?"

= Manson is a compulsive collector, including metal lunch boxes from the 1940s and 1950s.

= In 1997, Manson landed a role in director David Lynch's "Lost Highway." He later landed small roles in several other films such as "Jawbreaker", "Party Monster", "Porn Star # 1" and more.

= Manson has also appeared in several television series, including "Californication" and the masterpiece "Sons of Anarchy".

= The one who gave Manson his first cigarette ever, was none other than the actor Macaulay Culkin knew from the movie "Home Alone". This was during the filming of one of the scenes from the movie "Party Monster".

(Photo: Perou)

= On his birthday in 1999, Honcho magazine (Gay Porn Magazine) published nude photos of Manson taken about five years earlier, before he was famous.

= He was engaged 3 times to three different women, eventually marrying designer Dita Von Teese in 2004, only to divorce her about two years later.

= He's a very good friend of actor Johnny Depp. The two even have matching tattoos that symbolize their friendship.

= Marilyn is very fond of the movie "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" from 1971 and even tried to get the role of Willy in the remake version of the movie that came out in 2005, but lost the role to his good friend Johnny Depp.

= He is such a big fan of the alcoholic drink Absinthe that he released his version of the drink called Mansinthe, the version won excellent reviews and even a gold medal in the competition in 2008.

= In 1998, Manson published his autobiography "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell", in which he told, among other things, about his grandfather's sexual perversions and that the band and the album "Antichrist Superstar" were influenced by the grandfather's sex stories.

= In the same autobiography, Manson also noted that on his body there are more than 450 scars caused by cuts he made himself during performances.

= In 1999, Manson began his painting career. His paintings are sold as part of the "Celebration Corporation" project and his paintings are displayed in various exhibitions around the world.

= Strangely enough, his entry into one of his own exhibitions, which was displayed in the cathedral in Cologne, Germany, was avoided following his heavy makeup.

= He is a regular contributor to charities including Music for Life and Kids Rock.

= The various contact lenses he puts in his eyes are a tribute to singer David Bowie.

= Also in the context of Manson's eyes, over the years there have been rumors that he injects heroin into his eyes in order to dilate the pupils. Another rumor said that he underwent surgery to remove some of his ribs so that he could perform oral sex on his own, but both rumors are of course not true.

= In contrast, the following shocking fact stands against all false rumors. In one of the first performances of his career and with the intention of shocking viewers he hired a model who disguised herself as a pregnant woman and ironed a crumpled Nazi flag on stage. She then lay on the ironing pad slicing her legs and pretending to have an abortion herself. These things appear in Manson's autobiography from 1998 about which we wrote above.

= In 2002 he received an offer to write the music for a remake of the horror film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" but he was busy with his fifth album "The Golden Age Of Grotesque" which was released in 2003 and refused the offer.

= Marilyn is a die-hard video game enthusiast from a young age playing on Nintendo. Manson even voiced several characters in video games, including the alien Edgar in the 2005 "Area 51" game.

= He sometimes writes the word "Fuck" on his face so that paparazzi photographers can not sell his pictures.

= Manson produced Jack Off Jill's early albums and even played guitar on one of the band's songs - "My Cat". The band even tends open some of his performances.

= During his career, Marilyn Manson has released 11 studio albums, 2 EP,s and one live album.

= In addition, Manson has collaborated with many artists including Eminem, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, and Avril Lavigne.

= In February 2021, Marilyn was accused by his ex-spouse Brian Warner and other women of sexual harassment, physical and verbal violence, brainwashing, sexual and psychological abuse, and mental abuse. Currently, the lawsuit has not been closed.

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