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Rush - Bastille Day

Today, July 14, 1789, an angry Parisian mob stormed the Bastille, freeing its prisoners and taking the large quantities of weapons and ammunition that were in it, thus beginning the French Revolution.

The fall of the Bastille became a symbol of the revolution, a model of the struggle for freedom, liberation, aspiration for equality, and recognition of human rights.

This historic day is known as "Bastille Day" and later became France's official Independence Day.

Years later, in 1975, "Rush" wrote a song about this founding day. The song that opens the band's third album "Caress Of Steel" uses the act of assault on the Bastille, as an allegory for the revolutionary fervor required in the struggle against any dictatorial rule.

Rush drummer - the legendary Neil Peart, managed to mold into the lyrics in such a clever and witty way, the message that money and power can not stand up to justice and equality, and the lyrics are relevant today just as they were in 1975 !!!

One line stands above all in the lyrics of this amazing song, and continues to resonate over the centuries and generations that have passed since: "Guide the future by the past" says Neil Peart, teaching us to learn from the past in order to shape our future.

The song served for years as the opening track in the band's performances as can be heard among others on the double live album "All the World's a Stage" from 1976.

A few years later, not far from where the song was written, a devout fan and legendary drummer in his own right, Mike Portnoy listens to this immortal song, especially the ending section, from which the word "Majestic" comes. This is what Portnoy thought about the ending of the song and this is the name he decided to give to his band - "Majestic", which soon after became "Dream Theater".

And now you must listen to the song: Click Here.

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