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Rockfour - One Fantastic Day

Editor's Choice...

And this time it's not only our "choice".

On June 7, 2001, "Rockfour" released their fifth studio album, "One Fantastic Day".

Did you know that one of the critics of "Rolling Stone" magazine - Richie Unterberger chose this album as one of his ten albums of the year 2001?

The album continues with the psychedelic / progressive line that began with the masterpiece album "The Man Who Saw It All" and continued with "Supermarket" which marked the band's transition to writing and creating in English.

If "Supermarket" marked the beginning of "Rockfour's" international career as an Israeli band that has the "burden of proof" on its shoulders, then in this album we already get a mature and experienced band that operates as a quality and well valued international ensemble.

"Rockfor's" leap forward on this album was reflected in every possible parameter. Ability to write and express in English, high level of playing, and high production quality.

An amazing combination of guitars with a psychedelic sound wrapped in Mellotron and Hammond rugs and vocal harmonies imported straight from the Sixties, influences of Pink Floyd, Birds, Beatles, and more.

The album was written during the band's tour in the US, which was intended to promote the "Supermarket" album released a year earlier. "Rockfour" members noted that the album tells the band's story during one of its intense periods in the US that expresses through the songs "a cocktail consisting of passion, determination and satisfaction and all this alongside loneliness, longing, and burnout".

This album proved that the band's experience with "Supermarket" was not one-off and that the band deserved and could maintain a successful international career. One has to think about the risk the band took, when after two esteemed and successful albums in Hebrew, "The Man Who Saw It All" and "Back to Shablool", they decided to go out of their comfort zone and started creating in English. But this risk has proven itself with an album that has received rave reviews and has even been included in the Rolling Stone music magazine's ten albums of the year by music critic Richie Unterberger.

It is worth mentioning that this album had a significant impact on Israeli artists who realized that they can write and create in English with a wink to the international market.

But this album did well for "Rockfour" as well. Thanks to the album, the band began to perform intensively throughout the United States and continued to release two more albums in the English language - "Nationwide" in 2004 and "Memories of the Never Happened" in 2007.

3 singles were released from the album: "Seatbelts" which also included a cover version of the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows", and "President of Me" which included a cover of "R.E.M.'s" "Pop Song '89". And "Where The Byrds Fly."

It is interesting to note, that the following events of September 11, made the band decide not to release an album titled "One Fantastic Day", for fear of hurting the feelings of the American public. In light of this, it was decided to change the name and the album to "Another Beginning" and release it as a combination of the band's two albums in English.

Listen to the album: Click Here.

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