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Incubus - Light Grenades

Editor's Choice...

And this time, "Light Grenades" - Incubus' sixth album released on November 28, 2006

Let's start with a quote:

"Sounds like 13 different bands playing 13 different songs..."

The above quote is how the incredible guitarist of "Incubus" Mike Einziger describes this band's album.

We do not want to ruin and say too much other than the quote that explains how special and diverse this album is, but this album is one of the standouts and great albums of this talented band. This is its first album to reach number one on the Billboard 200, selling 165,000 copies in its first week of release.

Each member of the band was at his best, experimenting, challenging, and dynamically evolving to produce a collection of moving, exciting, exploding, bouncy, and crazy songs.

Just a look at the cover of the album, it says a lot...

4 successful singles were released from the album:

The title of the first single "Anna Molly" is deliberately ringing like an "Anomaly" to highlight the gap between the perfect girl the song is about, and the fact that she is unattainable. The song features a rare use of the Marxophone instrument on which keyboardist & DJ Chris Kilmore plays.

The second single "Dig" was written by singer Brandon Boyd on the importance of forgiveness and compassion.

"Oil and Water" and "Love Hurts" were later released as a single over two years after the album was released and jumped straight to number one on the charts.

So leave everything behind, click on the link, and embark on an amazing adventure on: Spotify, Apple Music

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