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Incubus - Morning View

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On October 23, 2001 (it's so long when you think about it now) the fourth album by the band "Incubus" which we love so much came out. The album, titled "Morning View", was a refreshing change from the Nu-Metal in which the band grew up and with which it was associated.

For the sake of creating the album, the band decided to rent a house in California on "Morning View Drive" street, where the album got its name. They decided that in order to be creative in the best way they need a place where they could write and create at any given moment during the day, without having to travel back and forth like "work". The location of the house was important because Brandon Boyd (who described himself as spoiled) asked that the house be close to the beach so that he could go out for breaks and wade or surf in the ocean waters. By the way, from the house balcony, they could see the view of the ocean which reinforced the choice for the name of the album and the album cover.

(Photo: Incubus)

As the best tradition of the band (if we exclude the album If Not Now When?) There is an eclectic combination of styles here.

There are of course the strong aggressive elements of the band in songs like "Circles", "Blood On The Ground" and "Under Umbrella." Of course, there are also groovy tracks here that are one of the strong points of the band like: "Nice to Know You", "Are you In"? (Mesmerizing). There are a lot of soft and moving tracks like: "Just a Phase", "11 am", "Warning" and "Mexico" (also mesmerizing).

The exotic ballad that closes the album and is fundamentally different from the other songs on the album "Aqueous Transmission" uses a Chinese instrument called "Pipa" and accompanies a Japanese orchestra. "Pippa" was given to Mike Einziger (the guitarist) by the famous guitarist Steve Vai.

In the video clip as in the picture above, you can see the house where the album was recorded.

We highly recommend taking an hour and savoring the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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