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Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

Queens of the Stone Age's album "Songs for the Deaf" was released on August 27, 2002.

Let us share 18 facts about the album:

1. This is the band's third album.

2. The drummer on the album is none other than Dave Grohl known from the "Nirvana" and the "Foo Fighters".

3. Grohl not only played on the album but also went with the band on a tour that accompanied it.

4. The one who plays guitar here (beyond Josh Homme) is Troy Van Leeuwen, the producer, and guitarist of the supergroup A Perfect Circle.

5. Another guest on the album is Mark Lanegan known among others from the band Screaming Trees. Mark was also a guest on the previous album and wrote some of the songs, including the hit "No One Knows".

(Photo: Hayley Madden)

6. This concept album takes the listener on a journey across the California desert, from Los Angeles to Joshua Terry.

7. As you can hear from the first seconds of the album, the driver switches between regional radio stations as he progresses through the journey, including through the cities of Banning and Chino Hills.

8. Three singles were released from the album - "No One Knows", "Go with the Flow", and "First It Giveth".

9. The song "No One Knows" riff originally came from the song "Cold Sore Superstars" taken from Josh Homme's project called Desert Sessions. The song can be found on The Desert Sessions Volumes 7 &

10. This is the band's first hit which reached number one on Billboard.

11. This made Dave Grohl the first musician to win first place on Billboard with three different bands ("Queens", "The Foos" and "Nirvana").

12. Another song from the album The Desert Sessions Volumes 7 & 8 that Homme "imported" for the album is "Hanging Tree".

13. It is the band's most successful and best-selling album with sales of over a million copies across Europe alone.

14. It is also its first album to reach gold status.

15. The second single "Go with the Flow" was nominated for a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Show, but lost to Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life".

16. The third single "First It Giveth" was written about the role of drugs in creating inspiration in the process of writing music.

17. The intro to the song "A Song for the Dead" is a homage to the song "Slip It In" by the band Black Flag.

18. At the end of the song "Songs for the Deaf", after a piece of silence there is an outreach of the band playing the song "Feel Good Hit of the Summer", taken from its previous album.

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