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Pierce The Veil - Misadventures

This is the fourth studio album by "Pierce the Veil" released on May 13, 2016.

The album serves as a follow-up to the group's third studio album, "Collide with the Sky" (2012). It was produced by Dan Korneff and was recorded throughout 2014 and 2015 in Long Island, New York.

This is the last album of the band after the drummer Mike Fuentes (brother of Vic the singer) who was accused of sexual misconduct and left the band.

Let us be honest here, we were yearning for this album for a long time. We were exposed to the band on their third album and also fell in love with their second album. Their unique song dynamic was the magnet that draw us to the band's music. They are extremely diverse and dynamically unordinary.

It's like taking a progressive rock song, compressing it to 3-4 minutes, mixing it with punk rock beats, heavy metal riffs, and poppy choruses. We must say it is absolutely amazing.

"Misadventures" features some truly wonderful moments.

“Dive In” kicks off the album with some pounding beats and flowing structures; the single, “Texas Is Forever”, is a standard fare, but a blast; “Floral & Fading” plays like a seductive witch; "Circles" & "Gold Medal Ribbon” are fused with anthem-like moments of energetic pop and alternative cool-downs; and “Song for Isabelle” closes the record with soothing swoons and a familiar and powerful lyric.

(Photo: Pierce the Veil)

Vic Fuentes, the band's vocalist, guitar player, and leader already knew that the lyrics should be different this time, besides the huge investment done on the guitars and drums which were by far more than the previous albums, on the lyrics side he did something different. After all the arrangements were done and they finished the recordings, Vic packed a suitcase and went for an "Air B&B" writing tour visiting across the US. Wondering through New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, the Southern California mountain resort Big Bear, Santa Barbara, and Seattle. He decided that he wants the lyrics to have a different meaning in every song so his vision was to write each song in a different place.

He said that the experience was much more than he expected. Visiting different places, and meeting different people inspired him to write on different subjects than he expected. Not on his experiences on the road but on subjects that the places and the people made him think of.

Regarding the meaning behind the album name, the band claimed that it sort of represents their lives over the last couple of years of making this record. All the different steps that were taken, the different places it took them. Places where they wrote, places where they recorded, places where they lived, every unexpected turn that this whole thing brought them. There were all these different, unexpected turns that came their way, and they were trying to find the end of the album.

Sharing what "Alternative Press" Magazine wrote on the album which represents exactly how we feel:

"Every single track is a winner. Misadventures expertly redraws Pierce The Veil’s own map, celebrating their impossible blend of ambitious, creative obsessions and the electric crackle of raw intensity"

(Photo: Own work | Stefan Brending)

You probably asking where is the band now, well after the embracing, inappropriate and criminal scandal of the drummer's sexual misconduct, the band "dived deep" and disappeared from the face of the earth.

Beginning of 2022, after 6 years of silence the band started to post bites of information on social media. In February 2023 the band released their fifth album "The Jaws of Life".

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