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Pierce The Veil - Collide With The Sky

On July 17th, 2012, the third album of the band "Pierce the Veil" was released.

This is the band's breakthrough album and the album in which we got to know and fell in love with this amazing band.

It is a rare occurrence for us to stumble upon a band/album/song that leaves us utterly astounded and seemingly halts the world's rotation. Without a doubt, we firmly attest to this phenomenon in the case of the song "King For A Day." Upon hearing it for the first time, our ears tingled with excitement, our muscles tensed with anticipation, and our minds were captivated to the point of explosion.

We have reiterated this sentiment numerous times in our previous reviews of the band's albums and during our shows—this band is undeniably extraordinary. Their musical prowess takes rock to uncharted territories, blending various intense and elastic elements into a harmonious mix.

The journey begins with the guitars, skillfully traversing the realms of punk rock, heavy metal, hardcore metal, and hard rock all within a single song! The brilliance of the bass perfectly complements the guitar work, and the drumming by Mike Fuentes is nothing short of mind-blowing. The ever-changing rhythms, seamless transitions, delicate touches, and power-packed elements all contribute to elevating the dynamics of the songs.

All of this is enveloped by Vic Fuentes' vocals, which effortlessly soar, caress, and roar, leaving a profound impact on the listener.

This album truly showcases the band in their full glory. Each song acts as a meticulously crafted and sophisticated explosion, resonating deeply within the listener's soul.

(Photo: Adam Elmakias)

The album commences with an aptly titled introduction, "May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight," setting the stage for what lies ahead. It swiftly moves into "Hell Above," a track that impeccably showcases the band's signature sound, surpassing any written description provided earlier or to follow. The song kicks off with a sassy and rapid riff, leading to a gradual slowdown before exploding into the captivating chorus.

As the chorus hits, Vic Fuentes passionately proclaims, "This is a wasteland, my homemade retreat; with Heaven above you, there's Hell over me," ensnaring the listener like a whirlwind. Just before reaching a breaking point, the combination of intense screams and powerful guitars guides you into a tranquil moment of vocals and gentle guitar strumming, creating a soft melodic backdrop.

The following track, "King For A Day," stands as one of the band's most renowned songs, gaining massive popularity on radio stations and YouTube. Featuring Kellin Quinn, the lead singer of "Sleeping With Sirens," the combination of their voices and alternating vocals amplifies the infectious charm of this catchy tune. It serves as a prime example of the band's unique dynamics, particularly evident in the latter part of the song, where they seamlessly transition from metalcore/punk rock to an exceptionally heavy metal sound.

"Props & Mayhem" shines as an underappreciated gem, with its twisting guitars intricately interwoven to create a mesmerizing musical tapestry. The song undergoes a minimalist phase after two minutes, gradually adding layers of elements before the power of the drums propels it into a simple yet impactful guitar solo, making it one of the album's true highlights.

Undoubtedly, we cannot proceed without honoring and highlighting one of the stellar tracks on the album, "Bulls In The Bronx." This song holds a poignant significance as it was written following the tragic suicide of one of the band's fans. It epitomizes the very essence of the band's sound and serves as the perfect gateway into their discography. If, by any chance, you haven't fallen in love with their music or become addicted yet, brace yourself for an unforgettable experience! (Written with intense enthusiasm!)

The song launches boldly with a gripping riff that immediately draws you in, then transitions smoothly into the first part, allowing Vic to showcase his exceptional vocals while momentarily pushing the riff into the background. The transition between the raw intensity of the screams in the second half and the captivating, mesmerizing vocal patterns in the chorus, which seamlessly blend back into the screams again, is a masterstroke of calculated brilliance.

However, the true marvel of the song lies in its extensive instrumental section towards the end. Featuring a Spanish-style fret, bongo drumming, and cleverly executed rhythm changes, this section becomes an unforgettable musical piece that lingers in the listener's mind long after the first hearing. In every sense, "Bulls In The Bronx" is simply a phenomenal and unforgettable masterpiece!

Following the brief interlude, we encounter yet another fantastic masterpiece on the album, "Tangled in the Great Escape." The song sets the stage like a captivating scene from a 60s movie, only to suddenly erupt into an uncontrollable surge of musical energy! Jason Aalon Butler, the talented and provocative singer from the band "FEVER 333," leads the opening, with Vic joining in for the second verse, creating a musical roller coaster of emotions that's both exhilarating and enthralling. The track takes you on a thrilling ride, ascending, descending, rolling, and turning, all while being tightly harnessed by the gripping rhythm of the bass and drums. It's the kind of song that keeps you hooked, and we found ourselves playing it non-stop for days!

The lyrics, "I know you're tortured within, your eyes look hungry again, but I'll never wander, my friend, no, I'll never wander again," add to the song's epic and powerful nature. The track reaches its climax with an epic and deadly ending, as Aron's calls for help or apology blend beautifully with the sounds of the piano.

As we progress to the eighth song on the album, "I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket," the title itself is derived from the movie "Wayne's World II." Written by Vic as a ballad, the song holds a special meaning, recounting his experiences and company during his past journeys to distant places. It's a truly captivating piece that never ceases to ebb and flow, much like the rhythmic waves gently washing the shore.

Have you ever participated in a boxing match? If not, then "The First Punch" will try to give you an idea of ​​how exciting it is, as in the rest of the songs on the album, note how it starts, how it breaks in the middle, and how it is done and the style changes and ends with a combination of the two. We have already said that we admire Mike's talent (the talent alone especially in light of his horrific and criminal behavior), pay attention to the changing rhythms and speed, it's just mesmerizing.

Vic said he wrote the song after experiences he had with bands they performed with and treated their fans like shit!

If you have come this far, you will end up with the last three great songs on the album and click the repeat button !!!

This is a bold and different album, forged to a completely different sound from the vast majority of bands from the metal world. This is a creative, talented band that takes the rock and stretches its boundaries in all directions and in all forms, in our humble opinion there is no other band that sounds like this and it only reinforces its amazing musical uniqueness !!

We can only hope you enjoyed it too !! And if so then you are welcome to continue to the band's next and excellent album !!

Listen to the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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