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Pierce The Veil - Collide With The Sky

Today, a decade ago, the third album of the band "Pierce the Veil" was released.

This is the band's breakthrough album and the album in which we got to know and fell in love with this amazing band.

It rarely happens to us that we come across a band/album/song that blows our brains out and stops the world from spinning, we genuinely and completely declare this to be the case here. The first moment we heard the song "King For A Day" for the first time, our ears blushed, our muscles contracted and our brains exploded from within.

We mentioned this several times, in previous reviews of the band's albums and also in our shows, this band is something very special. It takes the rock to new, intense, stretchy, flexible, and mixed districts.

It starts with the sound of the guitars that sometimes sound like punk rock, sometimes like heavy metal, hardcore metal, and hard rock, and all in one song !! The genius bass accompanies the guitar work and it is difficult for us to describe the drums. Mike Fuentes' drumming is insane, the changing rhythms, the transitions, the fragility, the elements that strengthen and enhance the dynamics of the songs.

All these envelopes by the voice of Vic Fuentes who rises fall, caresses and roars !!!

And this album is the band in all its glory, every song is a smart and sophisticated bomb that explodes inside the listener's body...

The album opens with an introduction that, exactly by its name, prepares you for what is to come "May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight". Go straight to "Hell Above", which really presents the band's Signature Sound better than any description written above or will be written later. The sassy and fast-paced riff that opens the song leads to a slower transition before the track explodes in the chorus. "This is a wasteland, my homemade retreat; with Heaven above you, there's Hell over me" Vic Fuentes declares as soon as he catches you like a tornado, before the breaking point the screams and guitars lead you to a quiet moment of singing and fingering, a background soft melody is now playing.

The next song "King For A Day" is one of the band's most famous songs that broke out on radio stations and YouTube. The song features Kellin Quinn the lead singer of "Sleeping With Sirens", the harmony of the two and the alternating vocals intensify the craze of this catchy song. This song is also a good example of the band's very special dynamics, in the second part of the song they move from metalcore/punk rock to especially heavy metal.

"Props & Mayhem" is an unappreciated gem, with twisting guitars intertwined with each other and off it to create a fantastic musical rug. When the music cuts back to minimalism after two minutes, before it gradually adds elements and then uses the power of the drums to lead to a simple yet effective guitar solo, the album really reaches one of its highlights.

Of course, it is impossible to continue without giving the honor and stage to one of the great songs on the album "Bulls In The Bronx". A song written after the suicide of the band fan, this is the embodiment of the band's sound, and the best entry point to its discography, if until now you have not fallen in love or become addicted, it's time to retire !!! (Written in anger!!).

The song begins with a bold riff, straight inside, then settles into the beginning of the first part, allowing Vic to carry his vocals as the riff is momentarily pushed into the background. The jump between the intensity of the screams in the second half and the catchy, stunning vocal patterns in the chorus, which then fade back into the screams again, is brilliantly calculated and insane. But the lengthy instrumental section at the end is the real craze in the song. Using a Spanish-style fret, with drumming on bongos and clever rhythm changes, is one of those music pieces that stay with the listener long after hearing them for the first time. A simply phenomenal song !!!

After the "rest" we come to another fantastic masterpiece on the album "Tangled in the Great Escape".

A song that opens like a scene from a movie in the 60s suddenly explodes into uncontrollable musical energy !!! The song is opened by Jason Aalon Butler the talented and provocative singer of the crazy band "FEVER 333" as Vic joins the second verse and the two sweep on a musical roller coaster of emotions, that is fun to climb, descend, roll over, turn around and know all this time you are tightly harnessed by the bass and drums. We played the song non-stop for days !!!

"I know you're tortured within

Your eyes look hungry again

But I'll never wander, my friend

No, I'll never wander again"

And what an epic, powerful and deadly ending to this huge song when Aron ends with a call for help/apology to the sounds of the piano !!!

Moving on to the eighth song on the album "I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket" which got its name from the movie "Wayne's World II" and was written as a ballad by Vic for the company he had many years ago while wandering and traveling to distant places. What a beauty of a song that never stops rising and falling like a wave washing the shore.

Have you ever participated in a boxing match? If not, then "The First Punch" will try to give you an idea of ​​how exciting it is, as in the rest of the songs on the album, note how it starts, how it breaks in the middle, and how it is done and the style changes and ends with a combination of the two. We have already said that we admire Mike's talent (the talent alone especially in light of his horrific and criminal behavior), pay attention to the changing rhythms and speed, it's just mesmerizing.

Vic said he wrote the song after experiences he had with bands they performed with and treated their fans like shit!

If you have come this far then you will end up with the last three great songs on the album and click the repeat button !!!

This is a bold and different album, forged to a completely different sound from the vast majority of bands from the metal world. This is a creative, talented band that takes the rock and stretches its boundaries in all directions and in all forms, in our humble opinion there is no other band that sounds like this and it only reinforces its amazing musical uniqueness !!

We can only hope you enjoyed it too !! And if so then you are welcome to continue to the band's next and excellent album !!

Listen to the album at: Spotify, Apple Music

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