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No Doubt - Return of Saturn

A Sneak Peek...

And this time the fourth album "Return of Saturn" by the band "No Doubt".

After the success of the album "Tragic Kingdom" which was released in 1995 with the successful and long tour (two and a half years) that accompanied it, the band collected about 20 songs in order to start working on the next album.

During the preparations for the album, they felt that something was not working. Gwen Stefani - The lead writer felt uncomfortable with the material that came out, something in the production also did not work for the band.

Their record company exerted heavy pressure to release a single, not to lose the momentum of the success of the previous album. Gwen agreed with the record company but the rest of the band did not, which led to a rift between the members.

This was not a small, short-time rift, this rift lasted for almost two years until guitarist Tom Dumont sent Gwen several ideas for the album as a peace offer, and the band returned to the studio to record their fourth album.

Four singles have been released from the album with the two most prominent being: "Ex-Girlfriend" and "Simple kind Of Life".

The album reached number two on the Billboard charts as it lost to "N'sync".

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