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Nirvana - Bleach

Nirvana's album "Bleach", was released on June 15, 1989, here are some interesting facts about the band's debut album:

1. The cost of recording the album was only about $ 600.

2. Although the record company "Sub-Pop" only asked the band for an EP, they rehearsed for three weeks on many songs and were finally ready with a full length album recorded in 30 hours.

3. Kurt Cobain claimed to have written the lyrics to all the songs for the album in one evening. Hard to believe ? Take for example the lyrics of the song "School" which includes only 4 sentences.

4. The album cover was taken by Kurt Cobain's girlfriend at the time, Tracy Marander.

5. On the album cover appears another guitarist, Jason Everman, who also received credit as one of the musicians on the album, even though he did not play any of the songs on the album. He put the money for the recordings of the album. Everman later played bass in "Soundgarden" for a very short time.


6. The release of the album was delayed for several months because "Sub Pop" did not have the money to distribute the album, only after it managed to save enough money for marketing and distribution it was released.

7. The song "About a Girl" was written about the same Tracy Marander, who discovered it only years later, with the release of the book "Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana".

8. The song "Downer" appeared again on the album "Incesticide" because Cobain thought the audience didn't know him well enough and he really wanted them to listen to it. Cobain had a similar thought about the song "About a Girl" that opened the band's unplugged appearance. Listen to Cobain's words at the beginning of the show: "This is a song from our first album, most people don't know it."

9. The first single released from the album - "Love Buzz" - is a song by the Dutch psychedelic band from the sixties, "Shocking Blue". Yes, the one with the famous song "Venus".

10. The song "Negative Creep" received a cover version of the band "Velvet Revolver", which released it as the b-side of the song "Slither".

11. The song "Paper Cuts" is the only song of the band in which the word Nirvana appears.

12. The song “Negative Creep” is "Nirvana’s" only song (studio albums) that ends in a fade-out.

13. Cobain said that Sub-pop put pressure on him to create music that suited the grunge scene that was developing at the time. He tried to live up to expectations because he knew that if he matched the music to the label's request he would be able to attract fans for the band.

14. The name of the album was supposed to be "Too Many Humans" but Cobain changed it at the last minute after seeing a poster against AIDS that recommended to heroin addicts to disinfect the needles with "bleach" before use.

15. The song "Big Long Now" that appeared on the album "Incesticide" was originally recorded for "Bleach", but Cobain was not interested in another heavy and slow song so he did not finally put it on the album.

16. "Melvins"'s drummer Dale Kruber play drums in three songs on the album.

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