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New Releases - June 17, 2022

Weekly album review

Fashion Club - Scrutiny

This band consisting of one musician, Pascal Stevenson, did not at all think it would reach the center of the stage, she moved between indie bands in the LA area, and only at a later stage did she start recording herself. The style goes between electronic indie and indie rock and it is very difficult to define them. after a few hearings, I also did not really formulate a solid opinion. Some songs sound like they were taken from the synthesizer days of the eighties. This is not a big album, it fits the indie definition.

For Listening: Spotify

Cola - Deep in View

This punk trio, originated in Montreal. The band was formed from the remains of another band, which I did not know and most likely this album will not make me know them better.

I have no idea what they were thinking when they chose the name (cola)? This Canadian indie band, moving away from electronics and staying true to guitars. There's some punk here, some alternative. They sound to me too similar to "Arcade Fire" and even "The Strokes" at times. Yes, I know you are now thinking they must be good. But in the few times, I listened to the album it just didn’t catch me. There are dozens of bands that sound similar. I did not find anything special about them.

For Listening: Spotify

TV Priest - My Other People

This British rock band, which is generally defined as post-punk, is releasing a second album. It's a pretty nice achievement for a band formed in 2019. I Must mention that when I was listening to them for the first time, I thought I was listening to an old Nick Cave album. It sounds very old Nick Cave. It's even pretty good. But still, this is not Nick Cave anyway. Finally, it is a better album than the previous two (Fashion Club and Cola).

For Listening: Spotify

Perfume Genius - Ugly Season

"Perfume Genius" is not really a band, it is the stage name of Michael Eldan Adras. They are defined as indie rock / rock and all sorts of other genres. But basically, this is an album, suitable for cold weather, when you sit in front of the fire and look for atmospheric music. There are some better tracks here. But in the Israeli heat and humidity of mid-June, I do not know.... It's a bit problematic, especially at first listening that happened at noon.

For Listening: Spotify

Nova Twins - Supernova

How fun is it to come up with no expectations and then discover a pleasant surprise. So these two lovable Brits, are not sisters in reality. Looking at the picture I really thought I would get a dance album. But it's rock, punk and it's just catchy and charming. What a pleasant surprise this was. An album without self-importance, just created to make fun and it does it. Finally. Listen to them, you will not regret it. There's everything here. But mostly fun.

For Listening: Spotify

Foals - Life Is Yours

The known British rock band, with album number 7. A good album, it might have been hard to listen to it right after the "Nova Twins". But this is a good album. It's a lot more electronic than I thought. In some arts, the drums sound as if they are electronic. But it is still a likable album.

For Listening: Spotify

Flasher - Love Is Yours

This is an indie-pop band from Washington DC. They were formed by two friends from school. But a lot of the bands were formed that way, so there is nothing really new here. I do not have much to say. The album has a combination of electronics and again there is a feeling that there is nothing new and interesting enough here. It's not that it's bad. But in reality, there are so many similar bands. Again, I did not find anything particularly noticeable here.

For Listening: Spotify

Dan Reed Network - Let's Hear It for the King

This American rock band has been active since 1984 and strangely enough, they have not really succeeded. The band was formed by two "Dan". Dan Reed and Dan Fred. I must point out that I've never heard of them and the truth is it's a little sad. Because this is an excellent album. It really sounds like 1980s rock, a bit of "Bon Jovi" and a bit of a lot of bands that corresponded with rock that is accessible to the audience. Just a great album and a fun one. Highly recommend it for nostalgia lovers.

For Listening: Spotify

Calum Scott - Bridges

I did not hear of him until this week. According to his number of followers on Spotify, I'm probably living in a bubble. I listened to the album and it sounded very familiar. A singer with a very strong voice, mostly accompanied by keyboards, but not only. Then I listened to the lyrics and just loved it. The man has insane power in his voice and his songs come from places within the soul. One of the songs and I will put a link to his song first, is probably coming from a real place of pain. He is declared gay and apparently, his family did not accept it. This is one of the creepiest songs I've ever heard. In my opinion, the potential for a crazy hit, is even greater than "Hozier". Listen to it. Let it seep. He is truly amazing.

For Listening: Spotify

Alice Merton - S.I.D.E.S.

This is the singer's second album. She was born in Germany, but she is English, Irish, Canadian... to tell you the truth, I got lost there ...but it does not really matter. It's rock, pop and this it's an excellent album by a singer who can make it big. It is catchy. Admittedly a bit poppy. But pop does not necessarily mean bad. I like it.

For Listening: Spotify

Bartees Strange - Farm to Table

This is a British musician, that combines hip hop with rock, pop, and folk. There is everything from everything here. I did not manage to listen to it enough times, but, it's a good album, with great potential.

For Listening: Spotify

Final words...

I was looking forward to Alanis Morissette's album. I started listening to it. It's not really an album, it's just atmospheric yoga music. Therefore it is not on the list.

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