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Modern Talking - The 1st Album

On April 1, 1985, the German duo "Modern Talking" released their debut album - "The 1st Album".

This is without a doubt one of the leading and most influential albums on the Synthpop of the 1980s, and it is also considered the band's breakthrough album.

The story of the album began in 1983 in Berlin, Germany. Dieter Bohlen, who was a producer and composer at the record company "Intersong", decided to team up with singer Thomas Anders and carry out an ambition that had been in his head for a long time. To move from the position of the producer to the position of a performer - to the front of the stage.

Then on October 29, 1984, something befell the world of Electronic Pop when the duo released their first single - "You're My Heart, You're My Soul".

Surprisingly and unexpectedly the single was insanely successful. Although it took it 3 months to reach the top of German music, it won first place and stayed there for 6 consecutive weeks, with a total of 25 weeks in the charts, half a year !! This is the band's most successful single to date with sales of more than 8 million copies.

And what an amazing song it was. Synchronized and precise beats reserved only for a German drum machine. A cotton ball of programmed synthesizers that hug you from every direction and melodic vocals with amazing vocal harmonies.

Following the meteoric success of the first single, the duo released their second single from the album on March 13, 1985 - "You Can Win If You Want". This single also went straight into the top ten in Germany, and after 3 weeks occupied first place, in a way that strengthens the status of the due.

Less than a month later the subject of our review was released and of course went straight to number one in Germany, where it spent four weeks continuing on an 18-week streak in the top ten. But the duo did not stop there and in a direct flight, they also conquered the top of the charts in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

This masterful album consists of 9 tracks written by Dieter Bohlen and all of which except for the ballad "There's Too Much Blue in Missing You", are rhythmic, bouncy, and sweeping. Dieter demonstrates here his excellent writing ability, keeping meticulous compositions as simple as possible to fit the greatest common denominator possible. The monotonous sounds composed by Dieter are enveloped by Thomas with his caressing, soft voice, which ranges from a candied apple to cotton candy.

No ear will remain indifferent to the collection of songs that exist on this album. Even if you resist with all your might you will not be able to stop your body from moving from side to side and your feet to follow one another. The songs from this album conquered Europe like a ruthless hurricane and dominated the dance floors unchallenged.

Even the remote Ashkelon has swept away. We could not resist them and went out to purchase the album in "Ha-Mashbir Latzarchan", located in the center of the pedestrian mall in the city. The duo's photos adorned the covers of "Lahitun" and "Maariv LaNoar" magazines and their posters were sold on every corner. The due's songs were played continuously, from the mythological radio show "Chadas, Chadis Vemechudash" with Shosh Atari and produced by Tony Fine, through the "Od Lahit" TV show and from there to the "Colosseum" and "Cinema" clubs.

But the duo dubbed in Israel as "Dibur Chadish" decided not to stop for a moment, and a few months later, in September 1985, they released their biggest hit "Cheri, Cheri Lady", which was released on the band's second album "Let's Talk About Love".

Now with a hand on your heart, is it true that just reading the name of the song makes you hum it? Do you understand how immortal this song is??? So let's do it together again now - "Cheri, Cheri Lady...."

The duo continued to release hits like "Brother Louie", "Atlantis Is Calling (SOS for Love)", "Geronimo's Cadillac" and more, but towards the end of their sixth album a lot of tension began to form between the two and Dieter decided to call it off after their sixth album "In the Garden of Venus", released in 1987.

But that was not enough to end the two's wonderful career, as ten years later, one of the biggest comebacks in the history the synthpop came about. The duo returned to work together and released 6 more albums that reached the top of the charts in Germany and garnered much success, though not like the first albums. But still.

Hard to believe but this is the story of this historic album that came out today ** April 1, 1985, ** and was also the opening chord to the successful career of the duo "Modern Talking".

And now do not stop yourself, you must loosen up a little, Just Push Play:

And if you also want to dance to the sounds of "Cheri Cheri Lady" then Click Here:

And if you've gotten this far, you're probably already understood that this's the April fools hoax by "Face/Off". We are happy to delight and entertain you in these tumultuous days. All the facts in this review are true, the overwhelming descriptions and exaggerations are not! And for those who wondered, the album was released on April 1, 1985.

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