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Mastodon - Pushing the Tides

Friday Release # 111

"Mastodon" announces a new album called "Hushed And Grim" and releases the first single from it

Named "Pushing the Tides". The ninth album of this excellent band is scheduled to be released on October 29th.

The album is produced by David Bottrill with whom the band is working for the first time. They said that when they sat down to decide who they will work on the album they all wanted someone new who had never worked with them before and so David's name was up.

They were looking for someone who thinks outside the box, they record and work together for years and sometimes everything seems to be the same so when someone new comes in he gives you a different perspective and that's what David managed to do on this album.

To us it sounds great and we are looking forward for the new album !!!

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