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Mad Season - Live at The Moore

We told you the story about the amazing supergroup Mad Season who released only one studio album, a unique and special album called "Above".

This very special band has released one more album, not a studio album but a live performance album !!

The album "Live at The Moore" was released on August 29, 1995 and is a recorded performance of the band at the Moore Theater in Seattle on April 29, 1995. The album was released as a live performance on VHS tape only, only in 2013 the album was released on CD, with Re-release of the show on DVD and re-release of the album "Above" also on vinyl.

This amazing band performed all ten songs on the album plus a cover of John Lennon's song "I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier".

This was also the band's last appearance !! What sets this album apart from the studio album is the fact that the band was devoid of external and even internal influences. Since they were disconnected from their mother bands they were not under any pressure or restrictions. They were not concerned of the record companies, the audience or even themselves, they created, recorded and performed only for fun, for music only !! That's why this show is so honest, real, simple and special and unique !!

This is a unique and ultimate gift from the band, an almost perfect tribute by Mad Season, a band that has achieved in five years greater achievements and influences than many other bands that have existed for thirty years.

It is also important to mention that on January 30, 2015 there was a tribute show in honor of Mad Season and Temple Of The Dog called "Sonic Evolution". The performance took place in Seattle at Benaroya Hall where members of the band Peral Jam (minus Vedder) shared with Chris Cornell and many other great musicians backed by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

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