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Live - Secret Samadhi

Editor's Choice...

And this time, the band's "Secret Samadhi" album which was released on February 18, 1997.

This is the band's fourth studio album or third, depending on where the writers are from, and we'll explain:

Live began its career as a Public Affection and in 1989 released its debut album "The Death of a Dictionary".

In 1990 the band released the EP "Divided Mind, Divided Planet" and only in June 1991 was the band renamed to Live, with the first material the band released under that name being the EP "Four Songs" released in September 1991. The first full studio album under the name Live was released on the last day of 1991 and was called "Mental Jewelry", but as mentioned, it was actually the second studio album of the same band, making the album the fourth album to be covered.

Three years after the meteoric success of the excellent breakthrough album "Throwing Copper", the band returns with a heavier and darker album than its predecessor, which shifts the weight to the gloomier moments the band hinted at in the previous album. True, this album is not as perfect as its predecessor, but it is still in our humble opinion one of the band's great albums worth dwelling on.

The opening song "Rattlesnake" is dynamic and mesmerizing. It consists of quiet and penetrating verse and distortion entrances in the chorus. A surprising choice that gives an epic touch to the opening of the album. Immediately after that, "Lakini's Juice" emerges with the heavy, dark staccato riff.

It was the first single released from the album and features a combination of strings that bounce the song, especially the amazing crescendo at the end.

Listen to "Freaks" and its bizarre chords throughout the verses, explode along with the sawing guitar at the entrance to the chorus and shake your head in the passage passages, and back for goodness sake. What a songgggggggggg.....

And now you will feel like a chilled ice cream pouring into a boiling pot, look how it melts, that's how we feel when we hear the ballad "Turn my Head" that just breaks us to pieces.

And here's the "punk and new vibe "Heropsychodreamer", the catchy and classic "Merica", "Graze" whose combination of sawed-off guitars and Ed's vocals sends chills through us, the complex and dynamic "Ghost" that stretches beyond the 6-minute barrier, the ending song "Gas Hed Goes West" with the amazing melody in the singing of Ed Kowalczyk and more...

The songs we mentioned and others are enough to define this album as a very good album, which alternative and post-grunge fans should not ignore.

In short, click play and impress yourself at: Spotify, Apple Music

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