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Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

"Linkin Park's" album "Hybrid Theory" was released on October 24, 2000 !!!

More than 20 fucking years have passed since the "one step"...

Did you hear the scream ???

If it were possible to articulate writing in screams this is what would happen here now, so imagine this post written in screams!

Why? Because it is impossible to describe in words what is happening on this album, the earthquake that this album created, and its impact in any different way!

This is basically what's so amazing about music: how a bunch of 'kids' in their twenties bring all their talent, their guts, their complexes, and their demons, and with a little help in production they create an overwhelming, crazy, kicking, and shaking energy bomb.

(Photo: Mick Hutson)

We always imagined this album as a scene from a movie where the main star (Mad Max) is frustrated, mad, and entangled, getting into his formidable vehicle in the middle of the arid desert. He slams the heavy door, puts in the pitchfork-like key into the ignition, turns it over and the vehicle comes to life, with the roar of its seven-liter engine. He lifts his leg as if he is trying to reach the steering wheel with his knee and drops it powerfully on the gas paddle. The roar of the engine is heard throughout the desert as it blends in with the howls of the tires tearing at the eardrums. The engine's RPM (rounds per minute) jumps to the red range of the scale and settles there comfortably when the engine does not drop below 8,000 rounds per minute. The ride does not even come close to a roller coaster, it is far beyond that. The vehicle is thrown in curves, hovering in the air up and down, and you, with our leading actor, are in complete loss of control over body and mind!

This is the best-selling rock album of the 21st century. Do you understand what you have just read?

Album of the Century. Yes Yes!

The album has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. A crazy success that cannot be digested at all. True, the friends have more than once admitted that they aspired to succeed (a liar who says he does not want to) and from the first step, they did everything in their power to carry out their aspirations and dreams.

When Chester Bennington first heard the instrumental demo tape he was immediately turned on and knew exactly how he was going to sing. When he finally met the band members he knew it was it! This is exactly what he was looking for - a bunch of young talents who know what they want and have a clear plan. So they have often been accused of being businessmen and not the hippies of music, but it is impossible to take from them their talent, ability, and creativity.

In honor of the 20th anniversary, the band released a super deluxe edition in October 2020 that includes lots and lots of surprises. Earlier that year the band asked its devoted fans to send photos and videos about their connection with the album. The band's website has been updated and designed according to the album's cover style and the website design of the 2000s. The twentieth package of course includes the album itself, the "Reanimation" album (which is a masterful remix album based on "Hybrid"), "Hybrid Theory EP", a large number of B-sides, demo recordings, excerpts from live performances and other remixes. In addition to the musical content, there are also quite a few other surprises such as: DVDs, special posters, and a special surprise in the form of an 80-page book that includes rare pictures of the band members from that period. This album got to make another history when in 2020, it again reached the top of the charts and took third place, with the release of the Deluxe, twenty years after its release!

So this time we feel it would be a bit pretentious on our part to try to describe in words this amazing piece: the moving songs, what Chester brings with his voice and lyrics, the talent of Mike Shinoda, who knows how to dress it all up for an extreme and unusual arrangement. Therefore, until we update this review you will have to settle with the first paragraph, which defines exactly the impact that this album has on us.

Now, turn on the system or put on headphones, note that the volume is at the maximum, press play, and feel the ride in the car, to listen on: Spotify, Apple Music

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