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Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra

Limp Bizkit's fifth album "Gold Cobra" was released on June 28, 2011!

This is the band's fifth album to arrive after 8 years of hiatus (we know there were EPs and at least two compilation albums), and the first since "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water" with all the original band members.

In 2001 Wes Borland left the band and guitarist Mike Smith from the band "Snot" was recruited to record the album "Results May Vary" which was released in 2003. Then... Wes Borland came back... and Fred Durst who was a bored millionaire, decided he wants to release an album.

These guys have decided to explode and put out everything they have on this album, Wes' mowing guitars, Fred's "deep" and cutting lyrics, Otto's (not the magazine's) booms, Sam's bass, and the "Lethal" DJ's scratches, they all come to give in, to flip the thatch for you and to dismantle your shape !!

As we mentioned several times in our podcasts, despite being an intelligent guy and a talented musician, most of the time Fred's writing is superficial and his sentences are a collection of gibberish words, with no meaning. True, sometimes there is depth and sometimes there are even themes, but most of the time they are there to express Fred's 'appreciation' of a particular person or to describe "love" relationships between people or more correctly species.

Let's put it on the table, Limp Bizkit's music is not music for contemplation, deep thoughts or emotions, and enlightenment (although there are some serious meanings from time to time). Their music is mostly to party, make you go wild, take out aggression, and even lose your temper. Break up as much as possible to the sounds of metal and rap and let no one tell you what to do. So give Fred some slack with all regarding lyrics and focus mostly on the music.

Indeed, this time too, after 8 years of hiatus they are undoubtedly delivering the goods, giving us a very strong album reminiscent of their first album, and putting out all the aggressions in riffs, scratches, programming, and samples. It sounds like they are back to their youth and completely ignoring the fact that more than 20 years have passed since then.

(Photo: Ryan Burchfield)

As for the lyrics, do not expect substantial improvement this time either. Fred is probably sure he's a teenage boy who takes out all his frustration and anger through the words of anyone who interacts with him. He's angry about the "Autotuned", he gets off the "Douche Bags" in Beverly Hills "90.2.10", he sends the listeners to "Find Life" on "Get A Life" and urges them to buy "Shotgun" to be prepared for "Shark Attack". Finally, he makes it clear to you unequivocally that if you do not want to go out as a "Loser", then just leave everything and walk away with "Walking Away", because otherwise, he will come, yes the "Gold Cobra" will come and bite you. So “Why Try” ?? Just indulge in rage, power, vent, and aggression, and release the "Killer In You"!

Now that you understand the link between the songs, feel free to listen to the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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