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Klaus Meine

Singer Klaus Meine is celebrating his birthday today and we want to tell you some facts about him.

He was born on May 25, 1948 in Hanover, Germany.

He joined the Scorpions in 1969 and since then he has served as the lead singer and one of the band's lead songwriters. Among other, Meine participated in writing some of the band's well-known songs, such as "Rock You Like a Hurricane", and wrote solely songs such as "Wind of Change".

Meine has appeared on all of the band's albums from their debut album "Lonesome Crow" from 1972 to the present. He is also responsible together with Rudolf Schenker for the musical direction of the band, as was done, among other, on the album "Lovedrive".

Meine's tenor voice is one of the most prominent and beautiful in hard rock and metal.

In 1981 during the recordings of the album "Blackout", Maine lost his voice. His doctors advised him to choose a different profession, but Meine underwent two surgeries and a healing process that allowed him to sing again.

In 1990 Meine took part in Roger Waters' grandiose show "The Wall" which was performed on the Berlin Wall.

Maine arrived in Israel with his band in July 2005 to perform at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv. During the performance, the Israeli singer Liel Kolet took the stage with him to perform the song "Send Me An Angel" and other songs.

Kolet collaborated with Meine on other recordings, including a version of "Jerusalem of Gold".

Since then, Meine has visited Israel with the Scorpions 4 more times...

To date, Meine and his band have released 19 studio albums.

Meine is ranked by "Hit Parader" magazine as the 22nd out of 100 metal singers of all time.

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