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Keith Flint

He's an icon, he started as a dancer but very quickly became the face of one of the biggest bands in the world of electronic music, but he is also an integral part of our world !!

(Photo: Andy Sheppard)

1. His full name is Keith Charles Flint, he was born on September 17, 1969 and passed away on March 4, 2019.

2. He was born in Redbridge, London and had an unhappy childhood when his parents regularly quarreled until the moment they separated when he was young.

3. Although he was a brilliant boy, he suffered from dyslexia and was thrown out of school when he was 15 years old.

4. He started working as a "roofer" and at the same time fell in love with music and began practicing it.

5. When we say practicing, we do not mean writing and playing, but dancing. He was very strong in the rave scene that developed in England and was a dancer and DJ in clubs.

6. In 1990, Flint met a DJ named Liam Howlett, the two teamed up and Liam gave Flint a tape containing original pieces he had created. On the tape he engraved the word "Prodigy".

7. Flint loved Liam's music and literally pushed him to create a band in which Liam plays his music and Flint and his friend Leeroy Thornhill dance on stage.

8. The three teamed up with another dancer named MC Maxim Reality and formed the band "The Prodigy".

(Photo: Phil Nicholls)

9. In 1992 came out the band's debut album "Experience", the album was a success in the rave and underground clubs in England.

10. In 1994 the band's second album "Music for the Jilted Generation" was released. This is the band's international breakthrough album which was a crazy success. The most interesting thing is that songs from the album were played in electronic music clubs but also in rock and metal clubs.

11. We are sure that many of you that were in the relevant age danced to the sound of the song "No Good (Start the Dance)" in clubs, alongside "Metallica", "Guns", "Nirvana", "Pearl Jam" and more...

12. Starting with the third album "The Fat of the Land" released in 1997, Flint moved to the forefront not only as a dancer but also as a singer.

13. Flint's breakthrough song was “Firestarter,” a crazy song that exploded on every possible radio station and won many broadcasts on MTV. With the looks and sound of a punk rock singer, Flint has become an iconic figure in the music world.

14. Another single that came out of the album and made "waves", was "Breathe", also in which Flint took the singing role alongside background vocals from Maxim Reality.

15. The band has released four more albums "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned"(2004), "Invaders Must Die" (2009), "The Day Is My Enemy"(2015) and "No Tourists" (2018). Apart from the fourth album, Flint sings a number of songs on each of the other albums.

(Photo: Mystic Production)

16. In 2002, Flint formed a Punk Rock band called "Flint" with Jim Davies, Kieron Peppe, Rob Holliday, and Tony Howlett. They released one album in 2003 and have performed briefly at a number of festivals.

17. He is a die-hard "two-wheeled" enthusiast. Not only does he ride a professional road motorcycle and even competed in a number of races in England, but he formed a racing team called "Team Traction Control" and competed with it in the "Supersport" League and the British "Superbike" League.

18. In addition he reached an impressive achievement when together with his team rider Ian Hutchinson they won four "Isle of Man TT" races in 2015 and 2016. Anyone who knows these races knows that they are hallucinatory, insanely dangerous and terribly difficult tracks, very few individuals manage to ride these races unharmed and only riders who are semi-god manage to finish them.

19. He was also a well-known "MotoGP" fan and visited quite a few races. He had a track in his yard, where he would ride the fleet of special motorcycles in his possession.

20. In a long period of his life he suffered from depression and consumed drugs and alcohol regularly, they often had negative effects on his life. Despite his delicate and pleasant nature, on stage he was a restrained beast with energies that made the band's performances to something divine. Yes Divine! We experienced one of these on May 29, 2014 at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center (their fourth and final show in Israel).

(Photo: Mirrorpix)

21. On March 4, 2019, Flint was found dead. He hang himself at his home, the police officially announced that he had committed suicide and on March 29, 2019 his funeral took place.

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