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Jeff Buckley - Grace

Editor's Choice...

And this time, artists recommend.

David Bowie noted that this album is one of the albums he would take with him to a lonely island.

Jimmy Page said it was his favorite album from the 1990s.

His friend Robert Plant also handed out compliments on the album.

Bob Dylan argues that this album was written by one of the greatest writers of the decade.

Matt Bellamy of "Muse" and Thom York of "Radiohead" noted the album as an influence.

Even Paul McCartney, Bono, Morrissey, and Neil Peart Rush's drummer, showered him with praise.

Ladies and Gentlemen Jeff Buckley's "Grace" album !!!

This is the only studio album that Jeff Buckley has released in his life. A unique, one-time, and special album that falls into the alternative category, but it is really difficult to define its style, which draws from so many genres. Folk, hard rock, jazz, punk, and we even heard opera. An album that will take you on a mysterious and magical journey. Will excite you, shake, mesmerize and eventually melt you at the sound of the vibrating, powerful, fragile, and out-of-octave Buckley's vocal.

This album received high praise and it was clear to everyone that it was going to be the beginning of a wonderful career for singer and musician Jeff Buckley. Unfortunately, however, Jeff was found dead less than three years later in a mysterious drowning accident and all the tremendous potential inherent in this extraordinary artist sank with him into the depths of the Mississippi River.

This time we are interested in telling you one or two facts about each song from the album:

1. The song "Mojo Pin" was written by Buckley and Gary Lucas when Buckley was still part of his band Gods & Monsters. The song was first released on Buckley's 1993 EP Live at Sin-é.

2. Buckley wrote the theme song "Grace" after saying goodbye to his girlfriend Rebecca Moore at the airport. In the lyrics of the song, Buckley states that he is not afraid to die...

3. The song "Last Goodbye" which was released as the second single from the album became the most successful song from a commercial album in the US. It was first recorded as his demo in 1990 and was called "Unforgiven".

4. The track "Lilac Wine" is a song written by James Shelton in 1950. Since then the song has been performed by other artists such as Nina Simon, Jeff Beck, Miley Cyrus, and more.

5. The main track on the album "So Real" was written by guitarist Michael Tighe who joined Buckley during the recording of the album. The song entered the album at the expense of the song "Forget Her" which was only included in the extended versions of the album.

6. Although this is a cover version of a song by Leonard Cohen, the song "Hallelujah" performed by Buckley entered the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

7. The song "Lover, You Should've Come Over" was influenced by Buckley's breakup with his girlfriend Rebecca Moore, yes that one from No. 2. Buckley noted that he wrote the song at home while he was waiting on the phone, but she did not call...

8. The track "Corpus Christi Carol" is an adaptation of Buckley's interpretation of an ancient 16th-century English hymn.

9. In the song "Eternal Life" Buckley was influenced by one of his favorite bands Led Zeppelin.

10. Buckley wrote the song "Dream Brother" about his friend Chris Dowd who chose to leave his girlfriend who got pregnant with him. Buckley tried to persuade him through the song not to make the mistake of his father, singer Tim Buckley, who left him as a child.

The album Grace is at the top of various lists and ratings, including entering the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

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