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Jazz Sabbath - Jazz Sabbath

A Sneak Peek... with the potential for a big scandal ...

The story goes. In the late 1960s a band called "Jazz Sabbath" was touring in England. It was a jazz trio formed in 1968, performing in all the reputed clubs in London and slowly building a fan base.

The band signed a recording contract and managed to record their first album in 1969. The album was supposed to be released on Friday, February 13, 1970. Sounds familiar to you? True, this is the exact date Black Sabbath's debut album was released.

And then the worst happens, bandleader Milton Keanes suffered a severe heart attack, he was hospitalized and hangs between life and death. The record company is under pressure and immediately freezes the release of the album.

Later that year, a fire broke out in the offices of the record company, and the masters of the "Jazz Sabbath" recordings were lost.

Milton eventually recovers from his severe heart attack and was released from the hospital several months later, in September 1970, then he learns that a band from Birmingham, known as "Black Sabbath", has managed to release two albums containing metal versions of his songs during his hospitalization.

In early 2019 it became clear that the original recordings of that album survived the fire and they were returned to their owners - band leader Milton Keanes.

On April 10, 2020, 50 years after the album was due to be released, "Jazz Sabbath" released their debut album, featuring 7 songs allegedly stolen from them by "Black Sabbath".

Milton argues that although "Jazz Sabbath" is a jazz ensemble, there can be no mistake in stealing the musical material and the identity of the band.

Shocked? We also found it very hard to believe, but several reputable magazines including "Classic Rock" published the story, and the band even released a documentary featuring interviews with representatives from the music industry who seemingly verify the story.

And now that you've read the whole interesting story and maybe even watched the documentary, we're sorry to disappoint you, because it turns out that this wonderful story is nothing more than a marketing trick, ingenious to say, of a band called "Jazz Sabbath". the person behind it and the one playing the role of Milton Keanes is none other than Adam Wakeman - the keyboardist and guitarist of "Black Sabbath" and Ozzy Osbourne, who found an interesting way to promote the trio's album released on April 10, 2020. Source:

It's no secret that the musical roots of members of "Black Sabbath" come from Jazz, among others.

So if you want to imagine how everything could have sounded like in a parallel world where "Black Sabbath" would play jazz-style songs, just click on the link: Spotify.

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