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Michael Schenkers Group - Immortal

On January 29, 2021, "Immortal" by "Michael Schenker Group" was published.

The gifted guitarist Michael Schenker returns to the "Michael Schenker Group" project and celebrates with this album 50 years of activity!!!

For almost a decade Schenker has not used the specific brand of "Michael Schenker Group", when the eight albums he has released since 2011 were under the trade names "Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock" and "Michael Schenker Fest" in which all the vocalists of the MSG band over its generations participated.

(Photo: All About the Rock)

Schenker, who released the group's debut album in 1980, continues the tradition of the last two albums of the group "Michael Schenker Fest" with a huge amount of guest artists, numbering no less than 14 different artists, most of whom accompanied him during the years of his career, including: Joe Lynn Turner, Derek Sherinian, Simon Phillips, Doogie White, Robin McAuley, Gary Barden and more.

The album, which includes 10 pieces, opens with "Drilled To Kill" - the fast and adrenaline-filled piece that was released as the first single from the album back in November 2020. Shankar collaborates here with Ralph Scheepers, the frontman of "Primal Fear". Don't miss this amazing segment and the guitar-keyboard battle between Schenker and Derek Sherinian near the end.

The second track "Don't Die On Me Now" brings us together with one of our favorite singers - Joe Lynn Turner and with a classic "Schenker" song that includes melodic guitar work from the X-Men.

The vocals on the third song "Knight Of The Dead" are provided by Ronnie Romero who was a member of "Rainbow" and recently also collaborated with guitarist Adrian Vandenberg on the "Vandenberg" project. Romero returns late in the fourth section of the album and the third single released from it "Sail the Darkness".

In the forth song "After The Rain" released as the second single from the album, the producer Michael Voss emerges to the microphone position and brings us together with Schenker a charming ballad that reminds us of the old "UFO".

Other interesting pieces are the fast "Come On Over", "Sangria Morte" which includes progressive aromas and "Devil's Daughter" which reminds us of "Deep Purple's" "Fireball".

It is interesting to note, that the album is sealed with a new version of the song "In Search Of The Peace Of Mind" which was included in "Scorpions" debut album "Lonesome Crow", which Schenker wrote when he was 15 years old. Just chills....

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Songs List:

1 Drilled To Kill

2 Don't Die On Me Now

3 Knight Of The Dead

4 After The Rain

5 Devil’s Daughter

6 Sail The Darkness

7 The Queen Of Thorns And Roses

8 Come On Over

9 Sangria Morte

10 In Search Of The Peace Of Mind

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