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Incubus - Make Yourself

Last week we celebrated "Morning View" birthday and today we are talking about the album that comes before it, the breakthrough album "Make Yourself" by the band "Incubus" which was released on October 26, 1999.

Here are some facts about the album:

1. This is the band's third album, but the first to put them on the album charts.

2. After only two weeks of working on the album, the band members were no longer satisfied with their producer, so they fired him a continued by themselves.

3. Only at the mix stage of the album they add producer Scott Litt (who produced the REM albums) and he brought his contribution to the finish of the album.

4. On this album, the band tried to make their music more accessible and melodic, compared to the previous two albums which were very eclectic and diverse.

5. Until the release of this album, no song by the band was played on US radio stations and this is their third album !!

6. The first single from the album was "Pardon Me". This song was not really successful at the beginning and in fact, the radio stations did not play it at all. Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger decided to perform an acoustic version of the song while hosted on various radio stations promoting the album. The acoustic version gained momentum, there was a crazy demand from listeners to play the song and many radio stations started playing it, including the famous radio station The World Famous KROQ.

7. After the success of the acoustic version of "Pardon Me", the radio stations also started playing the electric version of the song which further increased the exposure to the album. In order to support the increasing exposure of the album, the band released a music video for the song, which was a success on MTV.

8. The second single from the album was "Stellar" which along with the music video on MTV won a lot of air time.

9. But...

10. The big breakthrough of the album came with the release of the third single “Drive” (which came out almost a year after the album's release). The song went directly into 3rd place in the alternative chart and from there climbed to first place, where it stayed for 6 consecutive weeks. In addition, it reached the top ten in the Billboard 100 singles chart. It was this single that led to the band's big break into the mainstream.

11. We will never forget the clip for the song where Brandon sits on the wooden floor and paints a self-portrait while the band members play.

12. The album has a number of other unusual and amazing songs in nature such as: the mesmerizing "Warmth", the rough "When It Comes", the exciting "I Miss You" and the bouncy "Consequence".

13. Simultaneously with the release of the album, the band performed with every headline band that they could put their hands or instruments on, among others, they performed with: Primus, Buckethead, System Of A Down, Mr. Bungle, Deftones, and the famous Ozzfest.

14. This album is part of the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die list.

So now you must listen to the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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