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Haim Romano

Today we will tell you about one of the great guitarists in Israel whom we very much admire and appreciate - Haim Romano.

(Photo: Haim Romano's Facebook Page)

Haim Romano is without a doubt one of the pillars of Israeli music. From the sixties until today he has played with so many bands and collaborated with countless artists in almost every possible musical genre and style. Hard Rock for Greek music, Psychedelia, Oriental, Punk Progressive Rock, and more.

Beyond being a gifted and virtuoso guitarist, Romano plays additional instruments such as bouzouki, baglama, and other instruments.

The sheet is too short to cover all the albums, artists, performances, and TV shows he has participated in over the years, but we will try to touch on a few key facts that describe his tremendous work.

1. Haim Romano was born on April 5, 1951. He grew up in the Shapira neighborhood in south Tel Aviv.

2. He started playing the guitar already in elementary school, when he formed a band that played cover versions of various hits, at events and parties.

3. In 1965 he met Miki Gavrielov, who would accompany him in various lineups during the early sixties and seventies.

4. The two teamed up with Itzhak Klepter and formed "The Churchills".

5. The band became one of the first and most significant rock bands in Israel, at those times, performing in clubs around the country.

6. Even then Haim Romano took the lead as a solo guitarist with Klepter serving as a rhythm guitar player.

7. After the departure of Itzhak Klepter in 1968, the band underwent a style change combining motifs of Psychedelic, Progressive Rock, and even Hard Rock.

8. In the same year, the band released their first single, but it was not a success, partly because the band sang in English.

9. Despite the above, the band went on tour in Europe, during which they even served as a warm-up band for "Deep Purple".

10. When they returned to Israel, they were signed by "Hed Artzi" and released their first album.

11. The style was influenced by "The Beatles" rock to "Pink Floyd's" psychedelia, but Romano brought with him influences of oriental and Greek motifs that he absorbed at home from his Greek-born parents.

12. In 1969 the charismatic singer of the band - Stan Solomon left and for a time Haim Romano and the band served as the backing band of Arik Einstein and even played on masterful albums such as "Pusy", "Shablul" and "Plastelina".

13. In November of that year, the band performed, for the first time, at the Tel Aviv Hall of Culture, in a concert with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta. They performed, among other things, adaptations of two works by Bach.

14. In 1970 the band was joined by singer Danny Shoshan, by then the band had already been influenced by the Hard Rock of "Led Zeppelin" and even recorded a cover version of the song "Living Loving".

15. The debut album of the "Churchills" released in 1969, is still considered an item for the most sought-after music collectors and one of the most expensive vinyl albums in the world.

16. The band's big break came in 1971, signing with A&M and releasing the album "Junkies, Monkeys and Donkeys". The album was released under the name "Jericho Jones" to avoid a clash with the name of the former prime minister the UK.

17. In 1972 the band released their second album "Jericho", which laid on the band's heavy sound.

18. Needless to say, Haim Romano was a member of the band on its various lineups from 1965 to 1973, while substantially influencing its style.

19. During the "Jericho" tour abroad, the one who warmed them up was non-other then "Queen". In addition, the band also performed alongside bands such as "Deep Purple", "Genesis", "Ten Years After", "ELO" and more.

(Photo: "להקת הצ׳רצ׳ילים Jericho" Facebook Page)

20. Not many know, but in 1973 Haim Romano participated in playing the mandolin on Al Stewart's album - "Past, Present and Future".

21. With the return of Romano to Israel he became a sought-after musician both in the studios and on the stages. Among the recordings and albums in which he participated in the 1970s are Ariel Zilber's debut album, "Plonter" by Rami Fortis, which he also produced and played in, Shem Tov Levy's debut album and more.

22. It is interesting to note that in the show "Letters to the Editor" alongside Danny Litani, Jonathan Geffen, and Miki Gavrielov, Romano also played drums.

23. During the 1980s, Romano continued to star as a player for many artists and ensembles, including Matti Caspi, Danny Litani, Oshik Levy, Arik Sinai, Gali Atari, Riki Gal, and Arik Einstein. Romano also played on Haim Moshe's album "Thank You" on bouzouki.

24. Beginning in the mid-1980s, Romano began collaborating with Yehuda Poliker and played bouzouki, baglama, and electric guitar, in his albums and live performances.

25. In 1990, Romano formed "The Sixties" with whom he played cover versions of songs from the sixties and seventies.

26. Romano is also a talented producer. Among other things, he produced the second album of "Zikney Tzfat", released in 1994.

27. In 1995 Romano released an instrumental solo album called "Nechba El HaKelim".

28. In 2015, Romano and "The Churchills" teamed up for a fine and memorable rock and roll show.

29. In 2000, the band released a new song "Messianic times", written and composed by Miki Gavrielov.

30. In February 2021 the band released another new song "Dangerous People", written by Rob Huxley.

And this time we'll leave you with an excerpt from the band's reunion show from 2015. The legendary Romano is on the left:

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