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Guns N' Roses - Absurd

Friday Release #106

“Listen motherfuckers to this song that should be heard..."

Even if you are not a "die hard" fan of the enormous Guns N' Roses you must be thrilled to hear a new release from the classic line up (minus the drummer), we for sure are ecstatic to hear anything new from them hoping this will lead to a new GN'R album!!

Guns N’ Roses released full studio version of "Absurd", after debuting the track at a live show earlier this week.

The newly released song was previously known as "Silkworms" and was written in 2001 during sessions for the album "Chinese Democracy", which arrived in 2008 after a string of notorious delays, being a kind of solo project of Axl Rose.

It has now received an entirely new revamp and title, which was debuted during a show at Boston’s Fenway Park on Tuesday.

This new song is an entirely new sound from the huge band, we do not think ever before we heard this Punk Rock, fast, explosive hard rock sound from the band. Axl takes his high voice to a new level with frequently screams and Slash shredding with blow out riffs.

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