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Gojira - Terra Incognita

A Sneak Peek...

On March 19, 2001, the debut album of the French metal band "Gojira" was released.

The name of the album is taken from the phrase "Unknown Land" which refers to the area within each person, where, according to Hindu legend, "Brahma" hid the deity he took from humanity as a punishment for abusing it.

The album was written by singer, guitarist and band leader, Joe Duplantier during two years in which he broke away from civilization and lived with his girlfriend, in an isolated hut he built in the middle of the forest without electricity and financial income.

The guy who appears on the cover is guitarist Christian Andreu.

The album was reissued in 2009 and won another reissue in 2016.

Joe said that in hindsight it looks really weird because the lyrics of the album speak of love, confidence and good humanity but the music that accompanies them is very "dark" and sounds like Death Metal.

Listen to the album at: Spotify, Apple Music

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