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Glenn Danzig

He is the founder of "The Misfits", "Samhain", and "Danzig". He owns a record label and an adult-oriented comic book publishing company. He influenced many artists especially "Metallica" who covered a few of his songs. Here are some interesting facts about Glenn Danzig:

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  • He was born on June 23, 1955 in Lodi, New Jersey as Glenn Allen Anzalone.

  • He began listening to heavy metal music at an early age, and has described "Black Sabbath", "the Ramones", "Blue Cheer", and "The Doors" as his early musical influences.

  • Danzig took piano and clarinet lessons as a child. He later taught himself how to play the guitar.

  • Danzig started in the music business at the age of 11, as a drum roadie.

  • He had never taken vocal lessons.

  • In his teenage years he sang for several local bands, such as "Talus" and "Koo-Dot-N-Boo-Jang" which combined original songs and "Black Sabbath" covers.

  • In 1974, three years before forming "The Misfits", Glenn wrote the song “Bullet” as a three-verse poem, showcasing his early talent for blending punk rock with provocative lyrics.

  • In 1977, Glenn Danzig formed "The Misfits" in Lodi, New Jersey, a band that would become legendary in the punk and horror punk genres.

  • "The Misfits" released their first single, "Cough/Cool," in 1978. This debut marked the beginning of their influence on the punk scene, characterized by their unique blend of horror themes and punk rock.

  • In January 1980 "The Misfits" released "Beware" an EP containing the song "Last Caress", later covered by "Metallica".

  • In 1982, "The Misfits" released their first full-length album, "Walk Among Us", which is now considered a seminal album in the punk rock genre.

  • The band released their second album "Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood" in 1983. The song "Green Hell" from it was covered by "Metallica".

  • "The Misfits disbanded in 1983 due to internal tensions and creative differences. This led Glenn Danzig to explore new musical directions.

  • 7 months after the band's breakup Danzig released the song "Die, Die My Darling" under the name of "The Misfits". This song was also covered by "Metallica".

  • After the breakup of "The Misfits", Glenn Danzig formed a new band called "Samhain". The band had a darker, more gothic sound and served as a bridge between "The Misfits" and Danzig's later work.

  • "Samhain" released their first three records — 1984's "Initium," 1985's "Unholy Passion" EP, and 1986's "Samhain III: November-Coming-Fire" — on Danzig's independent Plan 9 label, establishing a devoted cult following.

  • In July 1986, Rick Rubin saw "Samhain" perform at "The Ritz" in New York City. Rubin was not a fan of "The Misfits" or "Samhain" but recognized Glenn's potential. Rubin signed Glenn to his label and suggested forming a new band named "Danzig".

  • Songs such as "Twist of Cain" and "Possession," initially intended for "Samhain's" fourth album, were demoed in September 1986 with Danzig on vocals and guitar, Eerie Von on bass, and London May on drums.

  • After an extensive search, John Christ joined as the guitarist, and Chuck Biscuits was chosen as the drummer, finalizing the lineup for the band "Danzig".

  • "Danzig" released their self-titled debut album in 1988, produced by Rick Rubin. The album included the hit song "Mother" which became a staple in Danzig's career.

  • "Metallica's" James Hetfield provided backing vocals on the tracks "Twist of Cain," "Possession," and possibly one other song on the debut album, although he was not credited due to contractual issues.

  • While credited to Glenn Danzig, "The Hunter" released in 1988 was originally written by members of "Booker T. and the MGs" with Carl Wells in 1967. Danzig made some lyrical changes and took full songwriting credit.

  • "Mother," initially released in 1988, gained widespread popularity when it was remixed and re-released in 1993, leading to significant mainstream success and heavy rotation on MTV.

  • Rick Rubin accidentally sent the uncensored version of the "Mother" music video to MTV, leading to the network banning it. The video featured controversial imagery such as Danzig appearing to sacrifice a chicken.

  • The iconic skull on "Danzig's" debut album cover, also used in "Samhain's" album art, was inspired by the cover of an obscure "Marvel" comic, "The Saga of Crystar"ת Issue 8.

  • In addition to his music career, Glenn Danzig has ventured into acting and directing. He has appeared in several films, including "The Prophecy II" (1998), and directed music videos, showcasing his multifaceted talents.

  • Glenn Danzig founded "Verotik", a comic book publishing company, in 1994. "Verotik" specializes in horror and adult-themed comics, reflecting Danzig's long-standing interest in dark and macabre themes.

  • The album "Danzig IV," released in 1994, featured a darker, more atmospheric sound compared to previous albums, solidifying Danzig's place in the heavy metal and gothic rock scenes.

  • Glenn Danzig has released two classical albums, "Black Aria" (1992) and "Black Aria II" (2006), showcasing his versatility as a composer and his interest in classical and dark orchestral music.

  • In 2016, Glenn Danzig reunited with original "Misfits" members Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein for a series of highly anticipated reunion shows, which were celebrated by fans and marked a historic moment in punk rock history.

  • Glenn is a fan of horror movies and Japanese animation, influences that have permeated his music and comic book work.

  • According to the December 2007 issue of "Revolver Magazine", Glenn is a huge fan of the iconic Swedish pop group "ABBA", highlighting his diverse musical tastes.

  • Glenn has written songs for other musicians, including Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, showcasing his broad songwriting capabilities.

  • He is the owner of "Evilive Records", which has released mostly recordings by the "Danzig" band and his own solo albums, further establishing his footprint in the music industry.

  • In 2020, Danzig released an album titled "Danzig Sings Elvis," paying homage to one of his major influences, Elvis Presley. This album showcases his ability to blend his unique style with classic rock n' roll.

  • Over the decades, Glenn Danzig has left a significant impact on multiple music genres, including punk rock, heavy metal, and gothic rock. His work continues to influence new generations of musicians and fans.

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