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George Harrison - Cosmic Empire

Friday Release # 98

And this time ... A 50 year old release !!!

A new song by George Harrison, an outtake from the recordings of the immortal album "All Things Must Pass", which suddenly popped up now on the occasion of the 50th anniversary release of the album, which is due out on August 6, 2021.

It turns out that when we wrote that in the album "All Things Must Pass" George Harrison's "volcano" erupted, we did not really understand that the echoes of this explosion would continue to resonate even 50 years later...

It turns out that the song "Cosmic Empire" released today in its original demo version and without any production is just one of 17 new outtakes and 30 demos (!!!), which did not enter the triple and masterful album. It's just crazy!!!

The package will include 5 discs + a Blue Ray disc or 8 vinyl records in the super deluxe version, and we are already excited to get to know a new 50 year old material of the quiet, modest and so talented beatle.

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