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Eric Clapton - Heart of a Child

Friday Release # 126

Eric Clapton's Christmas present for his fans in the form of a new single co-written with Italian film producer Robin Monotti.

The song brings us Clapton in his acoustic version accompanied by a significant number of musicians, singers and arrangers: Sonny Emory (drums), Nathan East (bass), Dirk Powell (mandolin), Daniel Santiago (guitar), Pedro Martins (guitar), Simon Climie (Keyboards, percussion), Saron White (background vocals), Katie Kissoon (background vocals), Nick Ingman (string arranger, conductor) and Everton Nelson (string Leader).

Clapton and Monotti found a common ground as Covid-19 governments policy. Monotti is a declared Vaccine Skeptic who earlier this year published Clapton's letter regarding the side effects of the AstraZenaca vaccine.

Clapton himself has not spared words against government policies dealing with Covid-19, in the past year. He has released songs on the subject, he himself or in collaboration with Van Morrison in which he criticizes UK lockdown policy. Although Clapton insists he does not oppose vaccines, he refused to appear in halls that required proof of vaccination.

Although the song does not directly address vaccines and covid-19, such an atmosphere hovers over it's lyrics, with words like: "They locked you down boy, Made you grieve alone

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