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Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton

On August 16, 1970, Eric Clapton released his first solo album.

Let's tell you a few facts about it:

1. The album was released by Eric Clapton when he is only 25 years old.

2. He was already a superstar at the time, having starred in bands like "The Yardbirds", "John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers", "Cream", "Blind Faith" and more.

3. The album was produced by Delaney Bramlett from the duo "Delaney & Bonnie" who were a warm-up show for "Blind Faith".

4. Delaney also played guitar, sang background vocals and participated in writing some of the songs.

5. Delaney's partner, Bonnie Bramlett, is also a guest on the album with background vocals and also participated in writing some of the songs, including the hit "Let It Rain".

6. Another guest on the album is none other than Stephen Stills on guitar and background vocals.

7. The melody in the song "Let It Rain" which Stephen Stills plays in is very similar to another Stills song from "the Buffalo Springfield" era - "Questions".

8. The song "Let It Rain" was originally called "She Rides" and included alternate lyrics.

9. Other notable guests on the album are Leon Russell who plays piano and co-wrote two songs, organist Bobby Whitlock and drummer Jim Gordon.

10. 10 days after the release of the album, on August 26, 1970, Gordon Whitlock will enter the studio with Clapton as part of the band "Derek and the Dominos", to record the masterful album "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs".

11. The album features a cover version of the song "After Midnight", originally by J. J. Cale. who will love Clapton's version of his song. This will start a friendship between the two that will collaborate in the future.

12. Clapton has good memories from the recordings of the album and he really likes the result, except for his voice which he claims sounds too thin and young. He wanted to sound like the old blues heroes he grew up on.

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