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Drugstore Fanatics - What's Born in the Basement

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On the 9th of April 2009 the debut album "What's Born in the Basement" by the band "Drugstore Fanatics" was issue

This is an excellent and amazing album created by the duo "Daniel Bercher" (vocals, guitars, and bass) and Aviv Cohen (drums).

Daniel was a guitarist and partner on one of the great albums of the band "Hayehudim" - "Forte" while he was part of the band for 6 years.

He and Aviv met through a mutual friend and began playing together, initially covers of other bands and later original material.

For several years Daniel and Aviv met alternately, trying different styles and new songs until they finally composed ten new original songs, all of which they recorded in the basement of Daniel's house.

They played & recorded all the instruments and produced the entire album on their own.

As far as we know, today the band resides in Los Angeles and includes Daniel and Aviv, along with Gregg Cash on bass and Amit Ofir on guitar.

The two said that they got their inspiration from the fathers of Rock & Roll, but today they learn and get a lot of inspiration from unusual artists who use all kinds of musical instruments and means to bring their musical work.

Their second album "Spielplatz" was released in 2014.

Feel free to listen to this great album - Apple Music ,Spotify

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